Meitner MA-3 Firmware

Hi everyone.

I have a Meitner MA-3 and have been using Roon with no issues. I decided to try Mconnect and perusing in the app it said there was a firmware update available. Current firmware showed as 3.9.19

I’m generally hesitant to upgrade firmware (as I’ve seen it brick products) but I couldn’t find any details or change log for the firmware “update”, not even a version number.

What is the latest firmware version for MA-3 and what are the release notes? I’d like to know so I can decide if it’s worth updating.

Also the 3.9.19 firmware version is different than the one that shows if you hold down the input button on face of MA3 (like it shows in the manual). That one shows: “Firmware revisions 1.18 - 130:006”


I drove the update on the MA3 and can’t see or hear any differences. Use on a preamp / power amp, operation only via Roon.


Hi Thorsten… thanks for the feedback. I’ll probably just let it be for now. I’ve read the firmware is actually from ConversDigital who makes the basic network chip in the MA3, but still almost impossible to find a change log.

I assume you are on 3.19.20 version now?