Meitner MA-3 Firmware

Hi everyone.

I have a Meitner MA-3 and have been using Roon with no issues. I decided to try Mconnect and perusing in the app it said there was a firmware update available. Current firmware showed as 3.9.19

I’m generally hesitant to upgrade firmware (as I’ve seen it brick products) but I couldn’t find any details or change log for the firmware “update”, not even a version number.

What is the latest firmware version for MA-3 and what are the release notes? I’d like to know so I can decide if it’s worth updating.

Also the 3.9.19 firmware version is different than the one that shows if you hold down the input button on face of MA3 (like it shows in the manual). That one shows: “Firmware revisions 1.18 - 130:006”


I drove the update on the MA3 and can’t see or hear any differences. Use on a preamp / power amp, operation only via Roon.


Hi Thorsten… thanks for the feedback. I’ll probably just let it be for now. I’ve read the firmware is actually from ConversDigital who makes the basic network chip in the MA3, but still almost impossible to find a change log.

I assume you are on 3.19.20 version now?


there is a new firmware for the Meitner MA3. The best option for me is to drive my preamp in the output fix (bypass). In the past, the output always had to be turned up manually from 60 (switch-on value) to 100.

Furthermore, there are improvements in dealing with 176kHz and 192kHz.

The update must be imported via cable (RS232). Windows should display max. Windows 10, otherwise there will be problems with the COM port.


How do you update the Ma3 ?
Please, can you give me details : needed cable, software, and where do you download the new firmware ?
Many Thanks


An RS232 > USB adapter is required (see example), I used a Windows computer. Windows must not be Windows 11, otherwise the adapter will not work.

I received the firmware update, the instructions and the manual directly from Meitner, request by email.

Thank you very much !

who wants to use the USB / network interface on their Meitner via W-Lan.

For DualBand it must be a Realtek RTL8811AU chipset. The following W-Lan adapter works for me without any problems.

The adapter must be connected to the USB port under the LAN socket, not to the USB media port.

You mean you just plugged it into the MA3 and was able to update it directly ?

Or do you use it to stream music ?

By the way, do you know what is the latest firmware version ?

I no longer have the Meitner in the network via a LAN cable, but only with the USB / W-LAN dongle via W-LAN. No matter what.
Streaming, Updates, etc. The firmware version is irrelevant for using the dongle. It works with the old or new firmware.

Only the firmware for updating the “fixed volume control” has to be requested from Meitner and uploaded from the computer via the serial interface. This was (at the time) not via LAN or W-LAN.

Standard updates can be queried and installed via “mcontrol”.

Thanks a lot.
Did you noticed sound improvement by disconnecting the meitner from the lan and using wifi ?

It would seems logical to me.

Before we start a fundamental discussion here…

I’ll put it this way;
I have a stable network and prefer physical separation between core and player. For years I basically only use W-LAN, the Meitner was an exception due to the missing adapter. Another reason is that I don’t have any additional equipment and I am less dependent on the setup.

There are also manufacturers of streamers who say that their devices prefer the wireless connection. you noticed sound improvement by disconnecting the meitner from the lan and using wifi ?

It would seems logical to me.

Ok :slight_smile:
I don’t really want a fundamental discussion, just your personnal feelings about the impact that the physical separation has brought to your system :wink:

I’ll do my own tests. Thanks for sharing the adapter reference. I will receive mine today.

EDIT : On my side, sound is better with WLan. This is absolutely immediate. More dynamic, more transparency, more bass definition, deeper silence.
Great change for small money amount.

I received the dongle, but now I’m a bit confused : how do you set it up to connect it to your wifi ?

SOLVED : I finally installed mconnect HD on ipad and it’s now very clear.

Sorry, I meant by policy discussion, not with them, but avoiding them altogether. True to the motto; Bits are bits…bad network adapters, jitter, cables, galvanic isolation, insufficient DAC, etc.

Very nice, the way was via mconnect.

We both come to a similar impression of the changes. This was certainly the case with my previous Auralic, Naim, Cambridge, T+A usw. devices.

Have fun.

I recently received my MA3. I have Roon on NAS Asustor and hardwired to my switch. I have the MA3 hardwired as well. While I am getting the rate type on screen of the MA3, music is streaming and it’s awesome, I am not getting track or artist information on the MA3 display.

Is this normal? Or am I supposed to be seeing track, artist information as to what’s playing.