Meitner MA-3 Roon Ready timeline

Hi Roon,

Nice update today with 1.8 - well done.

Do you have a timeline for completing the certification on the EMM Labs / Meitner MA-3 Integrated D/A Converter?


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Hello @Derek_Cooper,

We’re working with Meitner on the MA-3 certification but as policy do not comment on expected timelines.



I have Meitner MA-3 - how long will it take for completing the certification ?

How is the noise floor on your MA-3? I had one and sent it back it was so bad.


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I did not notice any - perhaps because I have the device solidly insulated from the table and from the floor using stands based on balls made of a special metal alloy … while electric cutting is irritating, audible discharges and crackles when changing the format - e.g. from Tidal to DSD and back - do you have it too?

Has nothing to do with vibration isolation. Turn the volume up on the MA-3 with nothing playing.

Although I do question where you placed your iso pods - I’d place one under the toroid and then experiment with the two others. In my mind, EMM Labs would have done a good job placing their feet already so you may want to start adjancent to the two at the front and move from there.

Doesn’t exactly leave you feeling warm and fuzzy, eh? I’m sure the vendors are going nuts with all the delays. I was told when I bought my unit the Roon cert would likely be done by the time I received it. Months later and nothing. Between the noise floor problem and lack of Roon cert in a timely fashion, I sent my unit back.

I am still scratching my head over the latest Roon major release - other than taking twice as long to launch, what did we gain?

I have the impression that you whine a lot;) the longer you use Roon 1.8 - the more I appreciate the changes for the better (better Roon Radio, easier searching, great algorithms - when it comes to hints of artists I don’t know - I hope that ROON will add Spotify in version at least the CD - it will be swept away for the competition - which I support a lot.

when it comes to Meitner - the sound quality is very good - the sound is very analogue warm, huge space, fantastic decay - I am ■■■■■■ off by the lack of the promised Roon Ready. As for the noises - I raised the Meitner to the max - and nothing - silence in the loudspeakers. I knocked, knocked - nothing.

I never whine - very positive all the time.

I think the bulk of the improvements to Roon was exactly that - related to integrating streaming services. If, like me, you listen to locally stored content, the improvements are likely less noticeable.

That is awesome your MA-3 is silent - likely I got a failed unit that snuck through QA. Enjoy!

Can I ask what’s amplifier paring with MA3? I’m thinking maybe you have ground loops hum. My old dac is silence when paring solid state amplifier, and has hum when paring tube amplifier. And my MA3 is on the way to me, hopefully no noise on this one.:pray:

Had mine for a few weeks, but use balanced out to a Pass Labs Xp-30 preamp. No digital volume Attenuation thank you very much. So far very quiet but it needs to continue to break in. Soundstage is a bit narrow but should open up substantially in time. I am using an oppo203 for roon via toslink until this certification is done. It’s a bit frustrating they shipped it while certification still in flight but I guess I’ll sit tight and continue to run it in.

It’s not ground loop - was noise floor. Confirmed it many ways.

Without the certification can I use Meitner MA3 with Roon? Thanks

Yes - but you’ll need a Roon Core elsewhere (that applies even once it gets its certification) but you’ll need to connect some external hardware to the MA-3 directly till it becomes a Roon end-point. Make sense?

Hey Rooners! (is that a thing?). Meitner MA3 just went certified. Time to update and configure that as an endpoint. FYI, i put in a 500ms delay on format switching, did here a few pops when formats were changing during my break-in period. hope that fixes this.
I’ll post up a remarks on Audiogon at this discussion i started once i get some quality listening sessions going this weekend.

Hi Roon, so exciting for the certification! I have question about the DSP function, I can only set to DSD64 while the DAC support up to DSD128. Is that normal? Thanks!

Eeek… why use the DSP in Roon? Kinda defeats the whole purpose of having digital volume control on the MA-3. Disable DSP my friend.

Hello @zhiyan_wang,

The MA3 supports DSD64 via Ethernet and DSD128 via USB.


Hi All; Just got a new Meitner MA3; Roon recognized it instantly as endpoint, setup with all defaults, save resync set to 500ms; Thus far seems to work perfectly;
*DSP and EQ functions are disabled;

My question: is this expected, that Roon converts PCM (of various original sample rates and bit length) to DSD 1024?

FYI: I have Luxman tube gear and raised the volume while Roon was paused, and the noise floor was totally acceptable; I did have an MA1 a few years ago and recall that having a higher noise floor with no signal; I could see the meters bouncing on my (then) Luxman integrated. The MA1, however sounded awesome, just as the MA3 does; I had a PS Audio DirectStream and that had a noise floor about equal to MA1; I read Ted William’s notes on this subject and it’s all a byproduct of the FPGA filter design; IOW to get that awesome sonic performance we just have to live with it; it is what it is; Why there might be differences in hiss amongst various consumers, may have to do with sensitivity of speakers (ie, horns vs 85 dB dynamic cones) and the rest of the electronics in the chain;