Melco £1999 ethernet switch

And that’s still a regurgitated press release, not a review. Not impressed.

Doesn’t the old saying go something like ‘if you want something done right, do it yourself’? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I’ll wait for reviews to pop up once the product hits the streets, and some people can put out their extended feedback. I don’t think I’ll pass judgement on the press release not meeting my review standards when they are, in fact, press releases.

I would be in the ranks of the sceptical, except that Melco has a strong track record of delivering. I am an N10 user (earlier an N1), and they really seem to know what they are doing.
So I will borrow a switch from my dealer to see whether they have hit the spot once again. Will also try their very expensive ripper-drive, hoping that I don’t have to re-rip 2000+ CDs!

Once You get it pls post Your comments on S 100.

Any luck yet with finding one of these to try out in house?

Some of the user feedback is starting to roll in with the new UpTone Audio EtherRegen vs. the SoTM 10G switch, and the EtherRegen is stealing hearts already. It’d be interesting to hear about the Melco and face it off against the EtherRegen.

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I’ve seen the same and have since bought one of the Cisco 2960 switches. Sleeper hit for sure.

What I hear talk of now, though, is the UpTone Audio EtherRegen starting to throw it’s weight around and replace other established solutions like the SoTM 10G switch with 10MHz clock input and maybe the Daisy Cisco one too… Bang for buck, Ciscos, but absolute fidelity, hard to say.

The EtherRegen is inexpensive enough that it’s worth a look and the market will be hot enough for a while that it’s very low risk. I will likely give that a shot sometime.

But what I couldn’t get my hands on very easily would be that gamble of a switch by Melco. That’s reassuring news that the ripper is doing better for you. There’s a guy over on AudiophileStyle (nay ComputerAudiophile) that has a lot of input, “evidence”, and methodology about improved ripping with a specific couple optical drives that another member designed. I’m not sure how the D100 would compare, but I’ve talked to that guy a few times and it didn’t sound like total BS.

Consider reading this review of the EtherRegen:


consider, instead, buying one then… you have 30 days, no question asked, money back
do snake oil sellers have such a policy?

@Krutsch … owning an oscilloscope doesn’t qualify anyone as scientist :joy:
hearing has too many more sides than just… “mechanics”
but believe what you like to believe :no_mouth: and just let others do the same :wink:

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You should learn a little bit more about Amir’s background before making a blanket statement like that one. I am not telling anyone what to believe, I was simply offering a link to an objective viewpoint from someone that has taken the time to compile measurements of the device.

But, if you are going to be snippy about it, then I will say this: the “listen with your own ears and judge for yourself” crowd has enabled a large field of snake-oil companies to prey on the uncertainty of folks that do not have a background in Audio/EE/CSci and are swayed by endless subjective propaganda.

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Also known as “Marketing.”

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sure! as, eg, Nelson Pass’ First Watt, right? :stuck_out_tongue:
sorry: I love both my SIT 3 and a Don Garber Fi 2A3 SET which, I am sure, would both measure quite poorly on an oscilloscope
but don’t worry: I’m obviously deaf (happy, though, to be in very good company :wink: )

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That’s how the subjectivists deflect: call out a tube amp and say: “it measures poorly, so measurements are meaningless.”

Comparing a tube amp’s sound with an Ethernet switch is apples and oranges. Tubes add a nice distortion effect that can be pleasing to the ear (I enjoy one myself). And your tubes are in the analog signal path, so of course they alter the sound.

But to apply that same logic to an Ethernet switch only demonstrates a basic lack of knowledge; Melco and Uptone are very excited to take full advantage.


everything is analogue in our systems: just current(s) flowing on conductive wires. part of those currents do represent 0s and 1s but there’s more traveling along the whole way

science is about doubts, curiosity and researching the unknown, not an hammer for hitting those who don’t just tell by heart what’s known, forgetting/ignoring everything else no book has told them how to handle
someone once wrote: “experts do not need to think: they already know!”

but this all is feckin’ boring and has already been uselessly debated billions of times in audiophile fora. lets just everyone be happy and buy/not buy what he believes is useful and “necessary”

seriously: enough! :wink:


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Thanks :slight_smile:

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Hi @pl_svn, that’s now been done.

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But before you continue to way in, I do have that background.

  1. A First Class BEng (Hons) in Electronics
  2. Chartered Engineer status with the UK IEEE, admittedly lapsed as no longer needed, as moved into Software Product Management
  3. Past experience in firmware engineering & networking, real-time OS, FPGA design, including implementation of an OSI 7-layer model, whilst working for a UK Mainframe/Enterprise Server company, now owned by the Japanese.
  4. Recent history of large scale cloud transaction based computing

So please do not judge.


…and are you in the market for a 2K Ethernet switch for your home audio system, expecting that it will improve sound quality?

I suggest you go back and read my original post, Melco D100 Ripping CDs
where I comment on the SQ heard following the introduction of the Uptone EtherRegen switch, past tense!

I can’t speak for the Melco switch, but I have already experienced an improvement from a switch, yes.

Have you seen the design layout of the EtherRegen, and the isolation for the port for the DAC or streamer?

See this topic …

I would imagine Melco has implemented along the same lines, given they have offered a dedicated, separate and isolated port for DAC/streamer on their music servers for some time, and they do bring SQ improvement, which I have also heard.

So may I suggest you
i. Do your homework
ii. Open your mind
iii. Go listen [Moderated]

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