Melco n1a roon - upgraded to EX software

Has anyone else upgraded a melco n1a (original model) to EX and tried to use it as as an endpoint. My system is nuc to a router wired then the Melco into the same router. Roon does not see the Melco and I have swapped twonky and minim and neither has worked. I’m chalking it up to user error (me) and wondering if anyone could help

Twonkey and Minim are DNLA software aren’t they? I don’t know anything about Melco and the EX software so:

  1. Is it Roon Ready?
  2. Has it been told to be a Roon endpoint if it works with Roon?

Yes and it works very well. It can play up to DSD 512 / PCM 768.

The Melco has to be returned to your dealer and there is a relatively small charge to change the circuitry etc.

Hi mine was updated to EX by the distributor but can’t make it work sadly

What’s the problem? Let me know your menu settings.

You need to change its setting to Roon Ready Controller Mode.

Perfect that did the trick