Melco N1Z endpoint: DoP for PCM stream?

Roon Core: AsRock Deskmini 310 with Rock
Endpoint: Melco N1Z
DAC: Neukomm CDA126S connected to Melco via USB
All software current as per 26.9.2022

The signal path to my Neukomm CDA126S is showing a 24/96kHz PCM stream being encapsulated by DoP. Is there any reason for this? Seems like an unnecessary step.

This is weird. My understanding is that DoP uses a minimum of 176.4kHz PCM signal. Does the DAC display the format?

The encapsulation occurs inside the Melco (a Roon Ready device), not in the Roon signal path. You may want to check the Melco’s settings.

That’s even weirder. DoP is supposed to be used with OSs/interfaces that don’t support native DSD. Once inside a DAC, what’s the point? Also, the fact remains that the lowest rate DSD (i.e. DSD64) needs PCM at 176.4kHz. If the DAC reports such internals, it should also report internal up-sampling.

The Melco is a transport and storage system. But I agree it is weird, although I did read something that it automatically adjusts the signal to support the connected DAC.

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