Membership expired

I signed up for the trial on 6 June. Yesterday Roon suddenly crashed and on restarting it now says that my membership has expired. I’ve tried to log in again but to no avail. I am running on Mac Pro OS X 10.10.3.


Looks like the trial is over and you have to make a buying decision. I am sure they will be helpful if your trial ran short.

Thanks for your reply. It’s not been 14 days yet and I believe they will automatically charge you unless you cancel during the trial.

Don’t worry… One of the Roon guys will take care of you soon!

Hi @deltagamma@kevin and I will look into this, and we’ll figure out what’s going on. I assure you that you won’t be charged unless you want to subscribe.

A few questions, so I’m clear on the situation:

  • You’re aware that your forum login and Roon log in are separate right? Have you tried resetting your Roon password in app?
  • Is your Roon login the same email address as your forum email?

I’m going to lock this thread @deltagamma, so PM me the answers to these questions and we’ll we’ll be in touch soon to figure out your issue, and ensure you’re not charged unless you’re ready.

Thanks and sorry for the confusion!