Memory leak in Andorid app

I have noticed that the more I use the app for certain functions it begins to slow down and last night just ground to a halt and crashed

I was going though my albums and having a tidy up grouping albums together to stop showing duplicates and make it easy to view as not all versions are the same release. After about half way through the app was so slow to operate, scrolling was missing images in the top half of the albums area and then crashed. After a restart it was ok again but it all happend again after a while of going to versions tab, group versions back to albums scroll, select next album that had duplicates and follow same procedure.

Seems to me like a memory leak of some description. Anyone else noticed this. It’s one of many quirks I am finding with the android app of late it just isn’t really up to the job.

I ticketed the strange behaviour of scrolling stopping all images being shown so you have big areas of black but of course like so many it’s been ignored and I am not the only one to get this behaviour it’s easily repeatable in albums view when scrolling up and down a few times.

I’ve seen the black box. It appears and disappears from release to release.
What device are you using?
Roon has been very solid of late on my Samsung s21 and OnePlus 7t, no crashes or freezes I can remember.

Pixel 4, it’s crashing a lot more of late to. It’s just a pain to use if I’m honest. Black box thing has been there for as long as I can remember now.

Does Andorid use mono?

The last two releases are the first time that I have had the black box and also find myself throwing the app away to clear it out of memory,. But sometimes it can run for hours at a time without issue as well, so not sure if it is driven by a specific issue

Hi @support be good to get some input here.

Hi @CrystalGipsy ,

Can you please let me know the next time + date you notice the crash occur? Thanks!

I will Noris but I’m managed to complete all the editing that made this happen.

Well didn’t take long to repeat it. Going back and forth between albums in album view. Crashes completely. 7.29 am GMT.

I had done this a bit, then replied to this thread did some more it hung and this is what I get now.

Hi @CrystalGipsy ,

In our latest update, we fixed a few issues in Roon related to memory usage, can you please update to the latest Roon build and let us know if it has helped on your end as well? Thanks!

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I have but not used it enough to give feedback yet, I will.

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