Merging 2 artists (alternative designations/names)

Hello there, just started trying Roon and it looks amazing.
I’m loving so many of the little details.

One thing, however, that I have happening is that with some artists that have alternate spellings or versions of their names I get them in duplicate. A Japanese artist, for instance, appears with the Japanese writing (and some albums under it) and then also appears with the international (latin alphabet) writing and the remaining albums under it. Is there a way that I could tell Roon to merge those 2 artists into 1, since they are the same?

Thanks a lot, and again, congratulations on an amazing 1st. version.

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Hi Skywatcher,

You can’t merge artists just yet, but it’s on our list! This will come once we roll out full metadata editing, so stay tuned. Glad to hear you’re enjoying Roon so far!