Merging Anubis and Roon


I would like to know if it is possible to to use a Merging Anubis as a DAC for Roon?

My understanding is that it should be possible even though the Anubis is not Roon tested but other Merging products are Roon tested and I believe I heard about examples of Roon and Anubis functioning together. Unfortunately I do not know any specific details about these setups.

It should mentioned that I have tried Mergings Aneman and VB-Cable without succes.

Any help or feedback is very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Have you contacted Merging?

If you’re on Windows have you tried their new MAD driver? There shouldn’t be any need for VB-Cable anymore.

I’ve had no problems getting Anubis to work with Roon Server running Windows and macOS.

Trying to get the architecture clear in my head - is this the Anubis plugged into the same network as a Windows 10 box with the Merging driver installed and running Roon/Server/Bridge?

I keep thinking the Anubis would make a good replacement for my ageing M-Audio box, and a bonus headphone endpoint for Roon…

For me, Roon Server running on either Windows 10 and macOS , plays to Anubis.

On Windows 10 or macOS , Roon Server just sees Anubis as if it were a USB DAC connected to the Roon Core (a soundcard).

Doesn’t even need to be on a network actually - I can play with a direct connection using USB to ethernet adapter, connecting my Mac and Anubis.


Cool. Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you so much for taking your time respond or comment.
I did not know about MAD. This looks very interesting I will come back after giving that a try.
@dabassgoesboomboom you describe the kind of setup I am looking for myself. Please could you share more details on what you have done or direct me to examples or documentation?
Thanks again.

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and the very detailed User Manual has setup instructions also:

Time for an update.
It works! It was a matter using Merging MAD driver instead of Ravenna and reading and understading the manual about how to use sources and monitors in the Anubis.
Thanks again for feedback and help.

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You might find my experiences informative:

I had already read your article.
It was partly why I was inspired to jump the Anubis wagon

Great to read this @Jesper_Asgaard !

Hope you’re enjoying Anubis. It’s a brilliant little thing.

If you can, feel free to share your impressions, now that you’ve had it a while.

Hi @dabassgoesboomboom
Thanks for your interest.
Like I stated earlier I had to understand setting up the Anubis especially Sources and Monitors. When I got that to work for a simple stereo stream from my DAW I did start to build upon that.
I now also run Audiophile Optimizer and Fidelizer Pro for enhancing performance on my DAW.
Via Roon I have added room correction and frequency crossover so that I now have a 2.2 system.
What I was mostly looking for was improved sound quality and I definitely have a significant upgrade compared to my Lynx 2B.
I still have plans for tinkering with the setup like adding JPlay and experimenting with sample rates etc.
All in all i am very happy with the Anubis but I still suspect that I can get more out of it given its many options.