Merging Backups

Core Machine

Intel(R) Core™ i7 CPU 980 @ 3.33GHz 3.33 GHz 24.0 GBWRITE HERE

Network Details

BT Broad band connected via ethernet

Audio Devices

Jitterbug USB Chord Qutest DAC, SPL Phonitor Headphone Amp, AKG K872, Seinheiser HD 850 Headphones

Library Size

19,000 albums originally (herein lies my problem)

Description of Issue

I originally had about 19,000 albums in my library(a combination of Tidal, Qubuz& locally stored files)
I last backed up my library on the 25th of May. I have recently made a lot of changes since ie, removing duplicates, replacing some albums with higher resolution versions with a bias towards Qobuz as I’m not a big fan of MQA.
I accidentally deleted my windows profile & had to use system restore to get my computer running again. now my library only shows 3000 odd albums. I have created a backup of the current status,
I want to know if there is a way to merge the backups? as I don’t want to lose all the new additions. Worst case scenario I’ll just have to delete the duplicates again. Strangely the missing albums appear to be random as even some recent add’s are also missing but my history shows all the tracks i’ve listened to since my backup. I’m assuming this isn’t stored in the same location as my library metadata

Hope I’m, making sense & you can help


Unfortunately this is not possible. No consolation I know, but consider more frequent backups to protect against this type of data lose. (As storage space is relatively cheap, I have my Roon system setup to backup each night and retain 99 copies.)

That said, delete duplicates will remove the music files themself so they will not comeback, and also if you have replaced a number of std. res files with hi-res versions again Roon will find those changes.
What will be lost are any metadata edits, new playlists etc. ie “stuff” that stored in the Roon database rather than changes to the audio files themselves.

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Hello @Adeniyi_Ogunnaike,

Thanks for letting us know where things stand with your Roon database.

As @Carl has mentioned, merging backups is not supported at this time. Sorry about that! Moving forward, here is a backup strategy:

  • A monthly backup that I keep 12 of, meaning I effectively have backups that date back an entire year
  • A weekly backup that I keep 4 of, meaning I have a months worth of more frequent backups

That might be a little much, but it ensures that if anything were to go wrong with my database I’d have a backup that predates the problem. Ultimately the backup strategy is up to you, but making sure that you have backups that go back a little ways can always be helpful.

Thanks for the reply guys.

I guess I’m gonna have to schedule weekly backups.

Incidentally, I notice all my album selections are retained in both Tidal @ Qobuz. Is there a way for Roon to load these automatically? Alternatively I also use Soundiz, an online library manager that connects to, Spotify, Tidal, Qobuz & many others. I can export my library as CVS, Text, JSON, URL or XML files. Can i then upload this into roon somehow?

Just in case anyone’s interested, I fixed my issue by :

  1. Making a copy of the Roon folder in application data for the current status
  2. Performing a recovery from backup
  3. Merging the new Roon folder from the backup with the copy made in step 1 (chose to ignore any duplicates or it takes longer)

It’s a time consuming & laborious process, giving my Library size, but it appears to have worked.


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