Meridian 210: not possible to save the audio source


Unfortunately Roon does not store my Meridian 210 as a source. Every time I switch it on I have to reconfigure it.

Any ideas?

Kind regards Peter

Hello @pbarnewi,

Thank you for the report. I’ve passed this information on to the QA team for analysis. I will be sure to get back to you when they have had a chance to look at the report.


Thanks :slight_smile:

Hello @pbarnewi,

Using the Meridian 210 we have in the QA lab, we are unable to reproduce the issue you are reporting.

First, I would ensure that you have updated the Meridian 210 to the latest firmware using the Meridian Control app.

If updating the firmware does not resolve the issue, report back as such and I will reach out to the Meridian technical team for further assistance.


Updating the firmware did not solve the issue.

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