Meridian 218 Volume Control


I am using a Meridian 218 and I’m unable to control the (coaxial) digital output level via Roon. Haven’t tested the analogue outputs yet. I assume they would be variable by Roon?

Secondly, the 218 is disconnecting from the 218 after a short time. A restart of Roon cures this for a while.

I’m using the 218 with a Devialet D Premier.

Also, would a Meridian 210 behave the same way (given that it is Roon Ready not tested)?

Thank you.

Thank you

With something as good as the Premier, using an all-digital volume control is going to degrade its sound quality at anything other than full volume. You really want to be sending it a full-scale digital signal from the 218 and using the Premier’s own volume control.

IIRC though, volume control has no effect on the digital outputs of any Meridian device.

Thanks Joel. I was previously using Air but no end of crackles and drop outs.

Need to get on top of music only being played before a short time and requiring a restart of Roon to fix

I’ve turned this into a @support thread for your drop-out issue.

Hi @tom_edge,

Did this behavior only occur on certain types of content (MQA/96+kHz)? How is your Core and the premier connected to your network? What is the model/manufacturer of your networking gear?

It happens more on anything above 44.1but happens all the time regardless of resolution.

I use a hard wired Ubiquiti managed switch and hard wired 2 Ubiquiti AP-AC In Wall Pro access points.

One AP is 10cm from D Premier.

Core is an Apple MacBook Pro late 2013, 2.3GHz, i7, 16gb again hard wired.

Hi @tom_edge,

Can you please reproduce the dropout issue and note the exact local time + date + track it occurs on? I would like to enable diagnostics mode for your account after getting this info to see if there are further clues in logs regarding this behavior.

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