Meridian 818v3 connectivity with Antipodes

I’m new to this forum and am in the process of buying a new server. I’m on the learning curve with network connectivity and Roon.

I presently have a Meridian 818v3 with ID41 Ethernet port and MC200 media core running Sooloos.

I’m looking at upgrading the MC200 to Antipodes K41 or K50. I’m leaning toward the K41 as there are upgrade options that I can apply later.

Both Antipodes have separate Ethernet ports for Network and Direct Stream. I want to keep things simple and need to verify whether the following connection will work with Roon and Antipodes:

Internet > Router > Antipodes Network > Antipodes Direct Stream > ID 41 on Meridian 818v3

Router: Mac Airport Extreme

I’m not sure if a network switch is needed between my router and Antipodes and 818v3.

I looked for configuration details in this forum and others but could only find solutions to more complex networking connectivity questions to optimize sound quality.

The two Ethernet ports on Antipodes compared to my present setup is what’s posing an uncertainty for me as I don’t understand networking enough to sort this out before making this purchase

Any insights are most welcome.

Thank you.

Hi Bill and welcome. Unfortunately for you, the only two things capable of streaming to an ID41 are Meridian Sooloos gear itself (like your MC200) and Roon.

If you want to use an Antipodes server, you’ll need to use either the 818v3’s USB input or one of its coax SPDIF inputs (both of which will get you 192k and DSD64 capability). The ID41 has an Ethernet port, but the Antipodes cannot talk the Meridian Sooloos language.

This confused me. If you are interested in Roon, why do you need an Antipodes server at all? A Roon Core can stream directly to the ID41 over the network.

Edit: This is what I do with my 818v3 and DSP8000SE (direct stream over the network from Roon).

Thank Joel,

I understand that Antipodes has Roon Core and was planning to use that for streaming to ID41. Will that work?

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My bad; I wasn’t aware of that. Awfully big nutcracker to crack a nut. Would you be using the Antipodes for anything else?

Re Antipodes:

I understand what you are getting at. My MC200 is of limited capacity and Meridian no long supports Sooloos and access to Tidal, etc. I’m also a Mac user and can’t update Sooloos for rip to the HDD unless I purchase a PC. Antipodes provides a turnkey high quality music experience.

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My plan is to rip my CD collection to the SSD drives as well as music files purchased online. I will stream from Tidal and other similar services that I can access within Canada.

I still need a device to run Roon and a place to store my music files. Antipodes addresses noise issues along the signal path.

I’m guessing that you’ve investigated and discounted the Nucleus and Nucleus+ (which do precisely that; just add storage)? From my seat, when you stream across a network, any “noise issues” inside the box are irrelevant.

BTW, I’m checking internally whether or not we actually license Antipodes to run our server software, because we only do this rarely.

The discussion forums on Nucleus is that it’s very good but the sound quality improvements with Antipodes are exceptional. I understand that Roon Core is among other similar software within Antipodes

Confirmed that they are licensed.

It sounds like you’re convinced about the sound quality improvements. Good luck with your upgrade!

Thank you.

Can you at least confirm my connectivity question? With that configuration work?

I’m afraid that I’m not familiar with the Direct Stream feature, but if it’s point-to-point Ethernet, then it will probably work. (But I can’t confirm.)

Oh, the tricky bit might be at the 818v3 end. You’ll almost certainly need to configure the ID41 for DHCP, if it’s not using it already.

This is the dilemma I’m facing. I know that Meridian Ultra Dac owners have Antipodes but connect via USB or AES for better sound quality. The Antipodes K41 only has Ethernet out.

FWIW, Bob Stuart favours the ID41 above all other inputs.

I’m a networking novice and don’t know the protocols used. I was hoping for plug and play like Sooloos but things are alot more complicated now. The Meridian tech I spoke with recommended a direct test with Antipodes but I don’t have a dealer in my city.

Re Bob Stewart: That’s my understanding of his design and that’s why I want to stay with Ethernet

Hi Bill, at the price, are there no Antipodes dealers willing to sell you one on a trial basis? I’m afraid that I really can’t help further as I don’t know the product.

Antipodes recommended I contact the distributor for a demo unit. The Canadian distributor is in the Toronto area 2500km away.

The Nucleus is starting to look alot more appealing :slight_smile: There is a dealer in my city.