Meridian Connectivity Issue

My Roon is connected to an MC200 and 2-MS200’s.

Recently the Roon has started “loosing” the MC200 and one of the MS200’s. If I cycle power the MC200 usually will be seen by tye Roon but not always the MS200. Even when it does see the MS and MC, they will disappear after some time.

This is a new issue - in the past the Roon always saw all the Meridian devices.

I saw a thread about a similar issue with RoPiee that required a software upgrade.

Any idea how to address this with Meridian ?

Have you a networks switch in your set up and have you re booted it.
I have Meridian 210 and MS200 along with Bluesounds and have no issues. Network switches however do need an occasional re boot.

Thanks Chris

I do not have a network switch but I do use a wifi6 extender. When I reboot it, the Roon sometimes “sees” the MS200 and MC200, and other times it does not. I even tried putting a lamp timer on the extender to cycle it once a day. Not a 100% fix either.

Wired is much more reliable and it’s cheap…

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