Roon connectivity to 818v3 intermittent

I’m getting an ever worsening M issue - no other connectivity issues and all hard wired. Even my MS200 and 861v8 are rock solid. However my main listening is my 818v3 into my 8kSE’s. I would say on average 3-4 times a day, you press play, and on Roon it’s showing as playing (the little SPL meter graphics bouncing up and down), but Roon will neither wake up the 818/8k’s or even when awake, play audio.

The only way to resolve is to go into Settings, click on Audio, click on the cog next to the 818, and Disable. Then re-enabling it works just fine, until the next time it stops.

Any ideas, defo getting more and more frequent (the missus now noticing and complaining)…???

I’ve moved this to its own support topic (hence no filled out template @support).

@cmr600 Can you describe your network topology in detail? This sounds very much like a switch that is incompatible with the Meridian Sooloos streaming protocol.

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Hey Joel - sure thing (although the switch is the same one for the last 3 years so I’m not sure I agree unless some compatibility has changed on Sooloos, Also my 861v8, MS200 are all rock solid.

100mb fibre connection into the house, ISP provided Huawei router (they don’t allow switching), into MicroTik Cloud Router for all switching.

Everything hard wired except my iMac in my office upstairs which is connected via a DLAN 1200ac Poweline. That runs Roon from the NAS without issue into an Explorer 2 DAC.

QNAP TS-871 NAS wired into MicroTik running Roon exclusively on SSD. Second SSD channel has another 1GB SSD for cache acceleration of the 12TB of music on the 8 drives. 20TB in total and nothing else using the NAS other than archives - so the only “work” is for Roon.

861v8, Apple TV4k, MS200, 818v3 all hard wired into the MicroTik - has been for years.

Control wise using a couple of iPhones and an iPad usually, and the remote Roon app on my iMac sometimes when in the office.

Enough detail?


Ok. I guess the next question is whether anything has changed? Anything new plugged into the switch? (You appear to be saying no there, at least from a Roon/Sooloos point of view.)

If not, that would seem to point to one of:

  1. Switch failure (specific port).
  2. Cable failure.
  3. ID41 failure,

Perhaps you try the following in order:

  1. Check that the ID41 cable hasn’t obviously been damaged in anyway (trapped in a door etc.).
  2. Re-seat the cable connectors at both ends.
  3. Try a different switch port.
  4. Try a new cable.

If none of those work, TBH I’m a bit stumped and I’ll have to hand over to the support team.

IIRC, it is possible to reset the ID41 card, but I’m not sure if that would help here.

nothing changed really to be honest - but will have a play on cables and changes this weekend and let you know. Thanks from Africa!

Any firmware changes? I once had a Devolo firmware auto-update stop my Meridian equipment working over a power line ethernet.

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Oh, there’s always the “reboot the switch” option. Sometimes this stuff does get into a state. Worth a try.

done that a few times :slight_smile:
in fact to stop the QNAP filling up and slowing down the NAS currently reboots every 3 days

So after the Roon latest update has not done it once. Nothing else changed…