Meridian MS200 problem with analog sound output

I am having issues getting my MS200 to work! I want to use it as a second zone player with analog output but cannot get any sound. It is connected to a switch with a RJ45 cable, and I can see the MS200 from Meridian IP-config and the web interface. Roon sees the device as connected and playing. The bars (next to the play icon) in the main window and the bars in the zone windows is moving.
But the line on the progress bar is not moving. I have tried to transfer the zone to another output and then I can hear the sound and the line on the progress bare is start to moving.
The device setup page, in the MS200 Web interface, is set to “Analogue : Variable”. Also tried to change it to Fixed with same result. I have tested the cable and its works fine, what can be wrong?

@Willy_Domaas Ive had a similar issue before, disabling and then enabling the MS200 in Setup -> Audio, fixed the issue for me.

Thanks for reply. I’ve already tested to disable the MS200 in setup. Also restarted Roon application on my QNAP NAS.
The other endpoint of my Roon setup is NUC with ROCK (player only), Apple TV, Chromecast and PreBoxS2. All of these devices work properly.

Strange, that always solved it for me. Assuming you’ve also tried power cycling the MS200?

I see over on HH you’re connecting to an 861, Whats the source configure for the MS200 and 861? You can use their webpages to check this.
By default they’ll both be assigned to the “AUX” source. That will cause issues if you’re connecting the two using speakerlink.

If the source config is ok, i’d try moving the core to the NUC next.

I had a similar issue recently - Meridian MS200 issue

My solution was to re-boot the room server and the issue was fixed…

Have already tested it. :-(. No change.

Remove the 861 from the equation, I only used the 861 for testing the optical output on the MS200.
I will use the MS 200 as stanalone, no Speakerlink, with the analog output, as a zone 2 for a pair of active speakers with analog in, in another room.

As I’ve described before, I’ve run Roon server on my QNAP NAS. But after the last upgrade of Roon 1.7 (Build 521), I had trouble losing contact every 5 min. So I switched to Roon server at my NUC. And now the MS 200 is working perfectly.