Meridian MS600 not showing up anymore

When I first installed Roon on my computer with the trial, it found my Meridian MS600 and played nice.

Last week or two, Roon software updated on my Imac running windows. Since then, I can’t access the MS600 anymore. I’m trying to figure out how to find it and add it as a zone. Help please.


Do you still have a Meridian core running?
If so, try stopping it, restart Roon and see if you have it back…

@rovinggecko’s suggestion is good–the production Meridian firmware still isn’t sharing endpoints nicely with Roon. They have shown signs of working on this problem, but have not made a release yet.

I would also suggest:

  • Powering off then on the MS600
  • Restarting Roon

in that order.

We’ve found (and reported to Meridian) some bugs in the MS600/MS200/ID40/ID41 firmware that can result in the device crashing. Sometimes it comes back, sometimes it stays gone. We’ve been making detailed bug reports to Meridian and are helping them track this stuff down. They’re working on it.

Because Roon runs on PCs and not on appliances (and PCs can go to sleep, wake up, be on wifi, exhibit a wider range of performance/networking behavior, and so on), the Meridian endpoints are being subject to more adverse conditions than in the Sooloos world. Some longstanding bugs have come to the surface in this transition.


I’ve tried both:

  • to shut down the MS600 and restart
  • to turn off the MC200
    with no luck so far

Can your Sooloos system still see the MS600? Can you ping its IP and access its configuration page (type IP address in your web browser)?

Was there ever any doubt? :wink:

@jerome_e , when your mc200 is turned on, can you see that in Roon? Your screenshot doesn’t show either mc200 or ms600. Both are endpoints and should show up if you have turned them off and then on and not used them in Sooloos yet.

As @RBM suggests, I assume that if you shut down Roon you still have a working Meridian Sooloos setup. If not, then perhaps you have a network issue? Rebooting your ’ network’ might help in that case.

good news: I updated Sooloos this morning, and Roon now finds both my MS600 and my MC200.
Playing loud and clear on my DSP6000 as I type this.
Thank you all for the tips.

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