Message “Roon needs an update” but I run the latest version

Roon core on Innuos Zen mini, DAC on Innuos Zen mini. Moon Ace amplifier. Buildnr 537.

Hi Roon,
For several days this message has popped-up. In The “About section” In settings i see that i run The latest update. Since then I have re-installed Roon several times. But the message wil not disappear.
*I use a Rooncore on an Innuos Zenmini.
Can you help?

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

KPN Experiabox (ZTE) Ethernet

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Moon Ace SPDIF connection

Description Of Issue

Message “Roon needs an update” but I run the latest version

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Hello, i discovered the same issue today. i don’t know if it appears after an update of 120 files.


I run Roon Server on a Windows 2019 machine with the latest build 1.7 Build 537. All the remote on tablet (iPad) or Windows Machine are running the 1.7 Build 537.

Rebooting changed nothing.

Thanks for your support.

I too am having the same issue:
I have tried restrating the Roon App and Server, also tried logging out of streaming services.
Screenshot 2020-05-10 20.51.57

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Hello, yesterday i de connect from qobuz et reconnect and finally stopped roon server on my windows machine and re-start. Finally the 120 files were indexed another time and the message disappeared. Don’t know why happened, server issue on qobuz side or at home but came back to normal state.

Hello @Bert_van_de_Kamer,

Do you have a firewall or AV in place? We have tracked some reports of this error to network related issues. Let me know if temporarily disabling firewall or AV help with this situation. Also, do you have any other network gear in place? Any switches?

Thank you for the suggestion’s. I’ve solved the problem. I don’t use firewall or switches. I simply disconnected en reconnected all the netwerk gear, the Rooncore and reinstalled Roon again.

The problem is also seen on iPad where no Firewall and AV

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