Metadata database - Who maintains it?

Sorry, I admit this may be a stupid question. I am really wondering where does the metadata information come from? Is it from a proprietary database maintained by Roonlabs or from some other third party server? If the former, does it make a lot of sense to submit each and every incorrect data or what is Roonlabs’ preference? By the way, where do you get the review texts from? There are not so many at least for the genres I listen to, but they are useful.

Otherwise I enjoy using Roon more and more every time I play music with it.

Keep it going!

If you look in Settings, About and copyright you will see what’s involved in Roon. I think Rovi is the main provider.

I see, thanks. But Roonlabs is not listed as a customer at Rovi, how come? And how would roon/we correct wrong entries?

You will see Rovi is credited in Roon.

They’re from:

That is incorrect. AllMusic gets its primary metadata from TiVo née Rovi. TiVo is also one of our metadata providers.

I stand corrected, @joel. Didn’t know that, thanks! :slight_smile:

By the way, if it’s classical music reviews you’re missing, Roon 1.3. is expected to improve things. If not in your case, you can list box sets not identified on the following page, preferably with a link to their review pages (placeholders) on AllMusic:

Is Rovi German? Because “embiggen,” is that even English?


“Is Rovi German? Because “embiggen,” is that even English?”

That’s a nice one. Neither German nor English, but a beautiful concoction.