Classical Box Sets that are not identified by Roon

In the quest to get better classical box sets matches/metadata from Roon, I thought it might be useful to list the classical box sets that are not identified by Roon. For any listed, if others have found solutions, please let us know.

From my collection:

A Festival of Ballet (50 CD Set): EMI Classics
11 Kurzopern (Original Electrola One Act Operas 1975-1980) (11 CD SET): Warner Classics
ICON - Annie Fischer: The Complete London Studio Recordings (8 CD Set): Warner Classics
Arthur Rubinstein plays Chopin (10 CD): Sony Classical
Arturo Toscanini: The Complete RCA Collection (85 CD): RCA Red Seal
Arturo Toscanini: The HMV Recordings (6 CD): Warner Classics
Bach Masterworks - The Original Jackets Collection [50 CD][Limited Edition]: Deutsche Grammophon
Bernard Haitink: The Symphony Edition [36 CD][Limited Edition]: Decca Classics
Bruno Walter: The Edition (39CD): Sony Classical
Bruno Walter conducts Mahler (7CD): Sony Classical
Bruno Walter conducts Mozart (6 CD): Sony Classical
Carlo Maria Giulini - The London Years (17 CD): Warner Classics
Charles Munch conducts Romantic Masterworks (8 CD): RCA Red Seal
David Zinman: Great Symphonies Zurich Years (50CD): RCA Red Seal
Phase Four Stereo Concert Series [41 CD][Limited Edition]: Decca Classics
Icon: Edwin Fischer - Piano Playing from the Heart (12CD): Warner Classics
Ernest Ansermet: French Music (32 CD): Decca Classics
Ernest Ansermet: Russian Music (33 CD): Decca Classics
Ernest Ansermet: The Great European Tradition (31CD): Decca Classics
Eugene Ormandy conducts 20th Century Classics (12CD): Sony Classical

I have many more to list, but this should get the ball rolling

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Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra - The Complete Sony Recordings

i have a lot of operas that roon does not identify. i wish there were a way to easily find “unidentified” albums, rather than having to stumble across them.

Under Album view, select Focus and then Inspector. There you will see Identified. Select that and then click on the + to make it a -.

That will show you all your Unidentified albums.

Cheers, Greg

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Yes, I’ve done this. I managed to identify some, but a little over 6% are still unidentified.

thanks. i have 410 out of 2749 unidentified, nearly 15%!

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My 6% is generous. There are a number of identifications that are close, but not the actual recording (it identifies as a download rather than a CD). IN addition, quite a few of my box sets are not identified – I treat each box set as 1 CD in my count, but many consist of 40+ CDs.

It also took a lot of work and searching to come up with this number.


I just recalculated on a track basis, and its closer to 15%.

I just thought I’d add my own list of box sets which are unidentified. They often have placeholders in Allmusic, below. Or some metadata, but not enough to make the boxes usable (i.e. no performance dates/venues).

If all these were fixed, I’d have many thousands of tracks finally accessible, which are currently “lost”.

Just to reiterate, classical box sets need not just full credits, but also performance dates and venues. There are often so many multiple performances of each work by the same performer, that this is absolutely necessary.

(This is mostly for @joel :slight_smile:)

Beaux Arts Trio: 60 Years (60CDs)

Boulez: Complete Columbia (67CDs)

Brendel: Complete Phillips recordings (114CDs)

Roon has incomplete metadata but I don’t think it’s from Rovi. This box definitely needs dates and venues, as there are many multiple performances.

Cortot: Anniversary Edition (40CDs)

It’s there but it has NO PERFORMANCE DATES. Which is utterly useless with this kind of a box: it has sometimes more than 5 performances of the same work, and they are therefore impossible to distinguish.

Freire: Complete Columbia Recordings (7CDs)

Gould: Original Jacket Collection (2007) (80CDs)

Haydn Quartets Festetics (19CDs)

I sent the complete track listing to Rovi and they did nothing about it. :unamused:

Horowitz: Carnegie Hall Live (Sony) (41CDs)

Kovacevich: Complete Phillips (25CDs)

There is metadata in Roon, but it is very faulty, with 85 tracks which don’t match and no dates. It also has the wrong work title format, so I guess isn’t from Rovi. Rovi needs to do this properly.

Monteux: Complete RCA Album Collection (40CDs)

Quartetto Italiano: Complete Decca Philips and DG Recordings (37CDs)

Roon comes up with something incomplete but 219 tracks don’t match and it’s basically useless.

Rachmaninov Compete Piano Works Ashkenazy (11CDs)

Has metadata but needs performances dates as there are multiple performances.

Richter: 100th Anniversary Edition (50CDs)

In total about 600 unidentified CDs, just in the box sets listed in this post.

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In addition to the box sets I listed above, add:

Mercury Living Presence 3: The Collectors Edition (53 CDs)

Seon Collection (85 CDs) (2015) Sony Classical

Das Alte Werk (50CDs) Warner Classics

Piano Masterworks: The Worlds Favorite Piano Classics (50 CDs)

Vivarte: The 60-CD Collection

The All-Baroque Box: From Monteverdi to Bach (50CDs)

Another 348 CDs


The 18CD collection issued on EMI Classics in 2011 under the title Delius 150th Anniversary Edition.

Ludwig thought that Rovi had a placeholder for it back in February, but it’s still not known to Roon.

Edit: Allmusic has just a placeholder. Discogs seems to know more about it:

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Please always include an Allmusic link if there is one. And if not, Discogs and/or the original record company listing. It will save the Roon team (mainly @joel) a huge amount of time in following up these problems.

Another one from me:

Katchen: Complete Decca Recordings (36CDs)
Roon has nothing.
Multiple performances of the same work. Needs performance dates and venues.

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Francis Poulenc: Oeuvres complètes (20 CDs)
Amazon has the track list:ètes-1963-2013-LÉdition-anniversaire/dp/B0091JQH76

George Szell: The Edition (49 CDs)
Allmusic placeholder:
Tracks & venues:

Bruno Walter: The Edition (39 CDs)
Allmusic placeholder:
Recording dates (relevant because of multiple recordings):

Georg Solti: Soltissimo 1 (40 CDs)
No placeholder at Allmusic

Georg Solti: Soltissimo 2 (53 CDs)
No placeholder at Allmusic
Track list:

Georg Solti: Soltissimo 3 (57 CDs)
No placeholder at Allmusic
Tracks & venues:

Georg Solti: Soltissimo 4 (39 CDs)
No placeholder at Allmusic
Contact me, I can provide a list of tracks & venues

I have copied the info from the above websites, so contact me in case they disappear

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It’s a mystery to me why Decca classics has never issued any big Solti box sets, with Korea the only source. He was one of their biggest selling artists. Puzzling.

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Pierre Fournier - Aristocrat of the Cello (6 CDs)
Allmusic Placeholder:
Complete info:

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Leonard Bernstein Edition: Concertos & Orchestral Works (80 CDs)
Allmusic Placeholder:

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Neville Marriner - The Argo Years
Allmusic Placeholder:
Complete information:

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The Art of Leonid Kogan (15 CD)
Allmusic Placeholder:

Its pretty obvious that Roon needs a lot of work with its identification of classical music!!

Well, more accurately they need to work with their metadata providers to improve the metadata provided. This thread helps them to do that.