Non-Classical Box Sets that are not (correctly) identified by Roon

I searched the forum, but apart from a thread specifically on classical box sets, I cannot find one for non-identified non-classical ones. I suggest creating a thread for these as well, to keep them in one place.

If there are no specific reasons to keep a separate thread for classical box sets, of course I have no problems with a moderator merging the two threads, but I suspect it’s better to keep them apart given the complex nature of classical box sets.

Anyway, here’s my first one. Actually, it is not non-identified, it is incorrectly identified. Roon automatically identifies the box as a box set containing five cd’s, which is correct. But it misses the existing AllMusic review.

When I manually identify the album, Roon provides two suggestions (the two on top):

But when I manually choose the second suggestion (containing the AllMusic review), it reduces the entire box to one cd (though including all 94 tracks):

I don’t want this. I would like to have the box set split into the five discs my box set is split into, AND I would like to have the review. @joel, can I flag this with you, or should I ask someone else?

P.S. Every now and then, I see a new topic created for a separate album or artist that is not (or not correctly) identified by Roon. @joel wouldn’t it be more convenient for both Roon staff and forum visitors to also group these (non-box set) albums / artists in one thread, to have them all in one place?

@koen What you want Roon to do, it can’t really do (yet). However, this type of “box set management” is well under discussion. (It actually goes well beyond “box sets” per se.)

You might be able to achieve your goal with a bit of work: identifying the box set as the one with the review, editing the album to split it into five “albums”, manually identifying each subset as the same thing, then editing album titles etc.

Thanks for your quick reply @joel, I’ll give this a try when I have some time. Not trying to make you say things you can’t say (yet), but will 1.3 make this easier? :wink:

I’m also having an issue with a Mosaic box set - the Classic 1936-1947 Count Basie and Lester Young Studio Sessions isn’t recognized.

@joel - is it better to create a new thread for box set metadata issues we uncover or just pile onto this thread (and the classical thread).

@John_McBride Please keep them in this thread. Thanks.