Metadata for classical music

I am currently trialling Roon. I have 5075 Albums, nearly all classical. As reported by many others, the Roon metada for classical music is crap. As I have carefully labelled my albums is there any way that I can override the Roon metadata for my own - without having to do this for each and every album.

This is a make or break issue for me, I will not purchase Roon if this cannot be done

Select all your albums. (Select one and the select all from the top right of the screen. Choose Edit then Metadata Preference and then prefer file for each of the items you want Roon to use your metadata rather than its own.

See this for more details. More changes here coming with Roon 1.3 soon.

@Paul_Williams There is a way of globally preferring your own metadata on import in our soon-to-be-released version 1.3 of Roon. There are a number of significant improvements for classical music handling in 1.3, although I can’t promise that the Roon way is compatible with the way that you’ve always done things.

@support Can we ensure that Paul gets a chance to evaluate 1.3 for a reasonable period on his trial?

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[quote=“philr, post:2, topic:18266, full:true”]
Select all your albums. (Select one and the[n] select all from the top right of the screen). [/quote]
Er, the number selected, with the drop down to select all or none, is at the top left on my screen…

Your right it should be left. Sorry for the confusion.