Metadata optimizer: Stopped, Roon needs a software update

Hello all, it’s my first topic on the roon community, and and besides, I am French!
So i use a lot google translation !
I use Quobuz services since 2017, with a Cambridge audio streamer CXN V1 and an old but good amplifier Harman Kardon AVR5500 {~2000 year) with CD quality and Hires quality with CA connect apps on Ios (Airplay and streaming through my LAN) But it’s not a fairly interface.
Recently, i discover Roon and its capabilities. So i have last week install a new NAS (Synology DS1821+) with Roon Core synology package (Thank to Christopher Rieke and, create an Roon account and instal/tranfer my Music librairy on that new NAS. All is working fine, and i have no problem to play music (CD Quality) from Quobuz or my library and Radio to my CXN V1 (For HiRes streaming with Roon, i am a lot interesting by a Aracam SA30 later…)
BUT, since Roon Core has finish to import my music lybrary, Roon core set an alarm :“Roon needs a software update” What is mean ?
Roon version 1.7 (build 710)

Describe Your Setup

Details on your Core machine (DSM 6.2.3, DS1821+, x86_64, PKG Roon build 2020-12-15)
Details on your Remote(s) : PC W10, Ipad Ios 12.4.9 LAN 1Gb/s, WAN optical 1Gb/s

Networking details : LAN 1Gb/s, WAN optical 1Gb/s
Audio devices in use ; PC Default Speaker, Streamer CXN V1
Library details : on NAS HDD

Shutdown, restart the NAS don’t change any thing

Capture ecran 2021-01-15 173128 Capture ecran 2021-01-15 173227
Capture ecran 2021-01-15 173928

This error generally means your Roon core is having issues connecting to Roons cloud metadata services it has nothing to do with an update. This can happen due to a number of things. I would reboot your core machine, if this does not rectify it restart your network devices.

In many cases (like myself) changing DNS server to Google or Cloudflare helps but to get help from Roon support I will add @Support to this thread.

Reboot everything that can possibly be rebooted. That usually works.

Many users report this error, and regardless of rebooting, the error (always) comes back.

Then the OP should do whatever those users do to rid themselves of the error.

I reboot daily, following a strict protocol

Start the network WAIT …
When internet is connected then start the Core PC
Restart End Point etc

Doing anything else causes issues, unless the internet is stable ( mine takes 2-3 minutes) specific services are not available


Router > Brew Tea > PC :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hello, due to my own experience on lot of complex system, i 'm agree with you.
as long as you have not found the root cause, the problem returns.

Hello, about this issue, i noticed incoherent and weird things using diffferent roon control system
With IPAD control (IOS 12.4.9) : alarm is set, and “Roon app” is not listed in setting list app of Ipad (Roon 1.70610) ! (perhaps a IOS/Roon app incompatibility ?)
With Iphone control (IOS 14.3) : alarm is NOT set, and “Roon app” is listed in setting list app of Iphone (Roon 1.70610) !
With PC control (WN10) : alarm is set (Roon 1.70710)

When alarm is set, “modification option tag” is available on all the artist’s home page of the music library.

ultimately, it’s not a pesky problem, we can live with it.
Thank to all.

Just to confirm, @Andre_Lacour — This issue persists after a reboot?

Can you provide some details on your networking setup?

Hi @dylan,
After a first reboot, issue persist. I think that Iphone is a particular point because display HMI is always in “portait format” and i don’t have the same HMI like on PC or Ipas, even if it is the same Roon app version.
I did a lot of others actions since: deleted all my old Itune library (MP3/AAC), Rescan en clean my music library, restart the NAS/Roon Core.
Since this, i do not have alarm about Medata optimizer. Good things !
On minor problem with Roon core, but painful, waste directories (#recycle, $RECYCLE.BIN) are always scan by roon core, so when i want delete some files, i must also empty the trash ! Not friendly !
About my netwok :
LAN : NAS (1Gb/s) direct to a port of my Internet Box (x.x.10.1)
WAN : Optical fiber (1Gb/s)

Can you share a screenshot of Settings > Storage?

Hello @dylan, following screeshot of roon server and nas configuration. I don’t remember when $RECYCLE.BIN was created, perhaps with windows echange like shared directory or shared disk on LAN.

Hello @Andre_Lacour, since there’s a recycle folder inside of your watched folder, I’d recommend either removing those files or you could use the “ignored paths” option under the watched folder’s edit tab in Roon to ignore them.

Hello @nuwriy, thank you for the option Tip (ignored paths). I had just activated it
Moreover, recycle folder are automatically created when you delete a file, i didn’t create them manually, except #recycle folder that is create by Syno OS when you activate an option for shared folder.


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