Metronome AQWO + Nucleus

Hi to community!
Very few discussions on Metronome. The brand just launched streamer so I guess they will be more present!
AQWO product has USB connection but Nucleus + Roon does not recognize it as DAC!
Any knowledge what USB-SPDIF chipset is inside?
Any experience in connecting this to Nucleus?

Looks like it is UAC2 compliant so should work. What do you see in Roons settings/ audio section. Does it not show up as output on the Nuclues? Te rebooting it to see if it kicks starts it. Post a screen grab of the audio settings section.

Many transports and media players can be used to play music on AQWO. Most of them have been tested, including JRiver and Audirvana+, but Métronome Technologie cannot guarantee a complete functionality on all the media players existing on the market.
Important note about computer drivers:
AQWO is automatically recognized by all systems operating under MacOs (Apple) or Linux.
For systems operated by Windows, a driver needs to be installed on your computer. The drivers can be downloaded from our website (Products/Downloads). Once saved on your computer, unzip the file and click on the .exe file. Once the setup complete, select Combo 384 ASIO in the settings of your media player.