Microrendu does MQA?

I have a Microrendu running 2.7 and a Modi 3 dac.
I’m not sure what settings I should use for MQA. I know the Modi 3 doesn’t do MQA but it looks like Roon and the microrendu are taking care of it, I think?
Even if I set “Enable MQA Core Decoder” to “No” the patch remains the same.
And, it I set “MQA Capabilities” to “No MQA Support” path remains the same.
I’m confused…

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You have Roon performing the first unfold only through its core decoder which any endpoint in Roon is capable of. You can’t get the full MQA decode though without an MQA capable DAC. So your effectively getting half of the equation. Although some do not like the filtering the second unfold brings.

Ok thanks.

I currently have Qobuz and was thinking of switching to Tidal due to a larger library.

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In that screen shot you have MQA capabilities set to decoder and renderer. That means Roon has identified it as an MQA file but you have told Roon it is being taken care of by the DAC, which not being an MQA DAC, it won’t be. Set that setting to no MQA capabilities and Roon will then perform the first unfold and send a 88 or 96k signal to your DAC. That will be your best option.

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