MicroRendu + Roon + HQP

This might become apparent once it gets here.
I have looked at UTube vids and it show Micro Rendu being shown as my stuff is shown at present. As a Zone.

Right now I use as my Zone HQP but I am using Roon with HQP as a 'plug in '. It shows as Roon on my Desktop with HQP providing the processing.

I don 't want to stop using either program .

I am hoping to continue as I am with the audio created by Roon/HQP being fed to the Micro Rendu.

Is this what will happen?

kind regards

PS: am sticking with my MacBookPro as my Core. John and I spent some time listening to various settings. I am pleased to discover I can tell the difference between the settings. We settled on, in HQP, poly-sinc-mp, DSD5EC. Other settings either cause a malfunction, no sound, or sounded bad. I read that loads of people use laptops as their core. My music files are kept externally but I may change back to having them inside my MBPro.

The microRendu has a webpage interface at sonicorbitor.com. That allows you to run it as a Roon Ready device or an HQPlayer Network Audio Adaptor (NAA) amongst other apps.

Choose the NAA app for the microRendu and select NAA as the Backend in HQPlayer. You should then see the microRendu as an available Device in HQPlayer. Select it and you are done. No changes to Roon Zones.

The YouTube video sounds like they were using the mR as a Roon Ready device, which cuts out HQPlayer.


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I understand this but I don’t understand how this keeps Roon in the picture.

BTW as you can see under Bit Rate, I have no idea if the value I set is right or not.

So with the backend changed to NAA, I would still continue as now: open Roon, choose my Zone as HQP, and choose my music and that is it?

If Roon is in the picture now, nothing will change. As long as it sees HQPlayer, how HQPlayer outputs is of no concern to Roon. What will change is you are changing your interface with the outside world (i.e. your DAC) so you may get differences between plugging into the Mac ecosystem as opposed to the Rendu ecosystem. But that shouldn’t be too much of a concern.

Thank you. If I have understood the purpose, the music will travel directly to the MicroRendu via ethernet (the MBP is already connected via ethernet and the MR will be connected to same router same way). This will mean bypassing the direct USB link from MBP to DAC as DAC will USB to MR and thus getting rid of noise. I ought to hear the difference I am told.

That’s right. I didn’t notice a huge change between a direct connection and the mR, but I noticed a marked improvement in dynamics and transients when I powered the mR with an UltraCaps LPS.

The MicroRendu arrived today.

I expected to be sending it back, thinking this was a step too far and must be bull dust.

We are both astonished at the difference this has made to the sound. I can’t speak for John really but he listened to a Schubert Quartet for 1hr 9mins. He said ‘I hope you are keeping this.’

I listened first to Dylan’s Rough & Rowdy but not for long as it is a new album to me. So I did what I always do and put on Carly Simon, choosing the ‘musical memoire’ collection Boys In The Trees because it covers different moods and tempos.

The first, and only, review I have read opened with WOW!

My reaction to my first listen was WOW! For the first time ever the drums sound like drums and not rumbling. Her voice was clear as a bell as were the instruments.

What totally astonishes me is that I am hearing instrumentals and voices I have not heard before. I said this the first time I listened to her on a part decent system, then on a better system, then on Grado 325, then on Grado GS1000e, then on the DAC and finally with Roon and HQPlayer.

I did not expect anything much, if anything, to change with this silly little box that separates the music from the electrics and is sent via the ethernet cables. To me this really was audiophoolery.

However, I bought it because I was told that if I didn’t hear a good enough difference, I could send it back for a full refund.

I can’t see how I am hearing stuff on records I have had since 1974 that I have not heard before. It isn’t just that of course, it’s the clear drumming, voice, just everything.

I’m done. I have my dream sound.

kindest regards


You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave :crazy_face:.

But congratulations on persevering until you got to this point, good to hear that you’re enjoying it.

I didn’t mean I was leaving the forum. I just meant I was done building.

Well, for this week, anyway. :smile:

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