MicroRendu + Schiit Eitr, Is there any way I can convert DSD to PCM? [Resolved]

Hi @support,

I am using microRendu + Schiit Eitr to connect to my dac which does not do DSD. Is there any way that I can convert the tracks to PCM?

Here is a screenshot of the audio settings which is missing the DSD playback strategy conversion option.

And here’s the Signal path when playing a DSD track:

My Setup is as follows:

  • Roon version: v1.5 (354)
  • Server: Roon Rock on NUC 6i5
  • Dac: Audionote 2.1x signature
  • Connection: wired via Ubiquiti switch

Thank you very much for your help.

Would you be open to adding another converter? I have a Sonore UltraDigital…It will convert DSD to flac. I’m sure there are more available than this one.


Hi Robert,
Thank you for the offer, however I have found a way to convert the tracks to pcm.

I need to go to the microRendu’s setting and set the dsd capability to “none”. Then Roon will convert them to pcm.


Super —glad you got it worked out.

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