microRendu update from Sonicorbiter 2.7 to 2.8

Tried to post this question on the Sonicorbiter forum, but couldn’t figure out how to submit a post. There seems to be no option on the forum for submitting a post that I can see!

I have had my microRendu for a number of years, and it has been running flawlessly over this time. The software version I have been running for some time is 2.7, but I noticed today that an upgrade to 2.8 was available and decided to carry out the upgrade. It seemed to go smoothly, and when it flagged as completed I re-booted the microRendu.

However, the software is still flagged as 2.7 when I use “Find my unit”, and Roon no longer finds my microRendu as an available endpoint. Aditionally when I choose the option to “Manage” my microRendu, the request times out.

To all intents and purposes the device appears to be dead.

Do you have any advice, or is there any way that I can revert back to software version 2.7?

2.8 is a micro sd card replacement upgrade only. As far as finding and managing the mR, have you tried the usual reboot from modem on forward? Perhaps leaving unpowered and off the network for awhile as well. Hope you can get it work.

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Thanks for the reply and information.

I wasn’t aware of this and didn’t keep an eye on the upgrade log apart from the last entry which informed me that the upgrade was completed. Because the unit will not re-boot successfully, I no longer have access to my upgrade log.

I had re-booted the mR, but not yet from the modem/router onwards. I will do this, but are you implying that an attempt to upgrade from 2.7 to 2.8 will not have corrupted my existing SD card?

I would hope that the upgrade process would not take place without first checking that it is a valid option given the configuration of the device. However, it appeared that the upgrade was attempted on my device/card, and If this is the case then the the update process is extremely dangerous and prone to user error.

I have just re-booted my entire network chain from modem/router through to the microRendu, and the situation remains the same.

“Find my unit” from the appropriate Web page indicates that it finds a microRendu with software version 2.7, but any attempt to access configuration using the ‘Manage’ option times out, and Roon does not recognize my microRendu.

By the way, how does one post on the Sonore support forum? I have posted and received support from the forum in the past (but some 2 or so years ago). The forum didn’t recognize my email address when I tried to login today, and so I had to re-join with a different user name. But, having done so I can see no way to submit a post or a new topic.

Are you on the Sonore forum or the Sonore section of Audiophile Style?

Hi Henry,

The URL of the forum I’m using is forums.sonicorbiter.com.

I’m pretty sure Sonore’s servers would feed the correct upgrade to your device depending on which version you are on (or which device). Have you tried pulling and reseating the card? Real bummer when this stuff happens - makes one want to go back to cds or vinyl. No clue about the Sonore forum - I always just emailed with Jesus at Sonore in the past.

So did I, so I might try sending him an email directly. He resolved an issue I had with MQA and my Mytek DAC pretty quickly the last time I was in touch around 2 years ago.

I presume that is the one but I didn’t think their support forum was that old. Perhaps I’m wrong. Hopefully JR will be along soon. My MicroRendu was upgraded by buying a new SD card from Sonore or one of their resellers.

Not yet, but I’ll give it ago although I don’t expect it to make a difference.

It definitely doesn’t make me want to go back to PCs, but maybe to go for another Linn Klimax instead of my microRendu/Mytek combo - I have a 2nd gen Linn Klimax DS/1 in my main system that has never given me an update issue. Mind you, neither had the microRendu up until today!

I have upgraded my microRendu successfully (to 1.7?) with an SD card replacement in the past as well, but on this occasion there was nothing to suggest that the software release version 2.8 offered to me today in the “Manage” my unit web page was not compatible with my current SD card that was running version 2.7.

This is the ONLY way to get 2.8 in spite of the fact that the software offers to do it for you as it would for any minor update.

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That’s as maybe, and I have no real objection to paying 29 USD (or the UK equivalent since I am based in the UK) even though there doesn’t appear to be anything in the 2.8 release that is of particular value to me as far as I can see.

However, it seems pretty poor from a customer service perspective if a an approved software update offered to me can impact my existing setup to the point where my existing SD card is trashed without so much as a warning that the update is unsuitable for my system configuration.

If I had received a warning message to inform me that the update was incompatible with my existing card, I would have abandoned the update, and in all probability ordered a replacement card and then updated when the card arrived. However, instead I potentially lose my system for however long it takes for a replacement SD card to arrive at this time of the year, unless there is a way to back out the update and revert back to version 2.7 on my existing card.

How many other people are going to suffer the same problem?.

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I don’t know what borked your existing card but the 2.8 update has nothing to do with card compatibility. When you purchase 2.8 from Sonore it arrives all ready to go on the new card. Nothing more required from you other than putting the new card into your Rendu.

It surely does have something to do with card compatibility if an upgrade to 2.8 is offered to users of 2.7 or earlier, and a new card (with 2.8) is required for the update.

I have ordered a new card with 2.8 pre-installed, and so hopefully that will get my microRendu up and running again when it arrives.

I’m just a little peeved that the offered update to 2.8 for my existing card (updated by me some time ago to 2.7) has rendered my system unusable, and given the time of year I suspect that the new card won’t arrive for a week or two. Luckily, I do have another system still available to me and so I won’t be without music until it arrives. But, if I only had the one system, I would be very annoyed indeed.

The Software Manager only informs you that a newer version of SonicOrbiter is available. The unit can’t be updated from 2.7 to 2.8 via the web interface so it could not have caused the issue you are having. SonicOrbiter 2.8 is only available on new devices and by purchasing the a micro SD card.

Also, we have a dealer in UK can that assist you…here is a link to his website: United Kingdom - Audiostore Ltd (Vortexbox UK)

Hi @Jesus_Rodriguez,

I have already ordered the SonicOrbiter 2.8 card from Audiostore Ltd (Vortebox UK), but thanks for the link anyway.

You say that the unit cannot be updated from 2.7 to 2.8 via the web page, but in my case the attempt to update definitely went ahead. I chose the option to upgrade via the “Manage” your unit option within the web pages. As the update process was being attempted, the update log was displayed, and continued to be written to for what seemed like about 15 minutes. I left my computer and when I returned, I noticed that the last line stated something like “Update complete”. Unfortunately, I didn’t check the full log or print it off, because I now don’t have access to it.

My setup (running software 2.7) had been working perfectly since the update to 2.7 whenever that was. However, following the attempted update to 2.8, the unit will not boot up correctly, and does not show up as an endpoint in Roon. The web page does indicate that it finds a microRendu at version 2.7, but when I select the “Manage” option it times out every time.

I do not see what else might have caused the issue given that it was working perfectly prior to my selecting the update option from the web page. Following the attempted update it will not boot up properly. Incidently, the web page does not appear to be available anymore - is it down at the moment?

Can you tell me what you mean by “only available on new devices”? Is there a possibility that the 2.8 SD card I have ordered from Audiostore UK will not work with my microRendu?

By the way, the website has just returned. However, yesterday “Find my unit” informed me that I had a microRendu with software version 2.7. Now that the website is back up and running it tells me that I don’t have a Sonicorbiter OS based player in my network. Why the change?