Microsoft Defender Firewall

Roon Server Machine

Server: roon server

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Network is ORBI, BGW320-505. Roon server is on ethernet, computers we play music from are on wireless. There is also a Nucleus on ethernet.

Connected Audio Devices

Computers are on wireless, with speakers connected via HDMI cables
Also on network

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

Adding new 64-bit Windows 10 PC (ThinkPad X1, 32k RAM). Will only work with Windows Firewall off. Have added exceptions for raatserver & roon,
Also use another 64-bit Windows 10 machine (Thinkpad, 16k RAM), which allows Roon through Windows firewall (firewall is on, same exceptions for roon & raatserver).
For the computer I’m trying to add, what other settings can I do need to adjust connect to Roon server with firewall on?
Other difference between the 2 PCs is that the newer one is running Trellix Endpoint security.
Other software, including Dropbox, passes through the firewall on both computers, with the exception in place (Dropbox has known Firewall issues).

Also add an exception for RoonAppliance:

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Thanks, yes I previously saw that page & have added the roon & raatserver exceptions, restarted, etc. before making this post. I thought that should work, but it did not. Thus I’m asking for help in trying to find a solution.

And the others as well? Sorry, I have to ask

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Thanks, I added exceptions for roonbridge & roonappliance to this new computer, even though they were not added as exceptions on my other computers. It seems to be passing the firewall now. Maybe also because there are multiple raatserver.exe files & it looks like a 2nd instance was added automatically to exceptions when I added the above.

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Windows Firewall also needs to be set to Private for this to work. Will not work correctly if it is set to Public.


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Last two became a thing to add with the new version having server and remote split into two separate processes.

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