Microsoft Surface Dial Integration PLEASE!

To me this sounds super-interesting - I would love to see this work!
@DrCWO: I found a download-link on your website (at least I think it is yours) and booted one of my RaspberryPis with that image.
Not surprisingly, though, access to the system is password-protected. Do you want to keep it that way for the moment or would you be interested in another beta-tester? If so, I would gladly volunteer …
But anyway: Congratulations on this excellent idea!

@DrCWO : How is the latency with the Surface Dial ? I mean, does-it modifiate the volume instaneously ?

I wonder where you found a Link to the image??? I have not yet published it. Dropbox? Maybee you found a prototype?? Please let me know.
And yes, it will be a ready ro run image and I will restrict access. My hope is to reduce support questions a bit if I try to prevent manipulating the image :wink:

There is nearly no latency. It feels like a rubber shaft that connects the Dial with the potentiometer. But this can only be recognized if you turn the Dial quickly. During normal operation it feels like a Dial at the front of a HiFi device.


I have sent a PN since I am not sure if you want the link to appear here in public.

My Surface Dial and the Pi Zero have arrived :grinning:

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Dear folks interested in the Microsoft Surface Dial as a Roon controller.

Here it is: The rooDial image for the Raspberry Pi zwro w.
Please visit my homepage and at

Buy a Dial, and a Raspberry, download the image and have fun with your new gadget.
It is easy to setup, works like charm and enhances your roon usage so much!


I have been waiting rather impatiently for a project like this and have gotten the required things (Surface Dial and Pi Zero) just in the hope that I would find it useful.
So I was well prepared for the image to be published (@DrCWO even provided me with an advance version to beta-test) and I have been playing with this for a few days now.
Actually - this is the wrong way to put it: I have incorporated it in my system and it simply worked as hoped for right from the start.

I had always missed a convenient way to control volume and a few basic functions without having to search for an app and this solution is so simple, obvious and comfortable that it should IMHO be part of Roon right “out of the box”.

Doesn’t look too bad either … :slightly_smiling_face:


I am sorry to say that it does not seem to simple and obvious to me. Adding/integrating a PiZero (or other device) is not trivial to everyone.

(Edit: Some unnecessary comments deleted.)

Hello Kal,
I tried to make it as simple as possible. Therefore, I have the “Ready to Run” image and I have also recorded some videos to make the installation easier for everyone DrCWO - YouTube.
I hope most of the steps (buying items online, turning screws, downloading a file, inserting a card, connecting to a wifi), with the exception of programming the SD card, are familiar things to most people :wink:
There is really no knowledge of Raspberry or other technical things required …


That Lumin streamer is simply beautiful, jealous isn’t a strong enough word.


It’s not learning or fear of technology. It’s the fuss and bother…for me.

I am not a techie either …
For me the “fuss and bother” was limited to 15 minutes (mostly waiting for some process to finish) and then having an invisible, elegant system that even my girlfriend wants to use.
If you managed to get Roon running, then you have mastered a far more difficult technical challenge. :slightly_smiling_face:

BTW: I find myself sounding like a sales rep for this system, but I am not connected in any way - just enthusiastic that something like this exists at last.

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Kal you are right, a native integration into roon out of the box would be best!
But we see different operating systems (Win, linux, roon OS) making integration not easyer. And what if the core is in the cellar for what reason ever (background noise), maybe too far away for a stable bluetooth connection?
All these challanges are solved by a cheap Pi that can be installed invisible in your listening room. In my eyes not the worst scenario.


Hey Kal, you probably have the most pull of anyone on this forum and of most people in the audio community, why can’t you just call up the Roon guys and have them build this functionality into Roon itself. A Nucleus is just a NUC and already has Bluetooth. Seems to me that Roon can use that and provide first party support for this right into the app.

Cmon man, instead of complaining here, use your influence and sway and make this happen dude!


I am afraid you have a unreasonably enhanced view of my leverage. What drives the Roon guys (as it should) is the opinion of subscribers and potential subscribers. :sunglasses:

I like to inform you about my latest effort regarding wireless volume knob with a SpaceMouse Wireless. Best in Town.

roo6D - The wireless high-end physical volume knob for Roon - Audio Products - Roon Labs Community

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Please send me the link with option to pay for lifetime license of rooDial /Microsoft Dial/

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Try this thread which includes licensing information…

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