Microsoft Surface Pro 3 issues

Hi @support,
I am running Roon Core on a dedicated windows 10 64 bit PC with music stored on WD4100 NAS. Everything works great there through DIRAC and my Mac Pro.

I am having consistent issues with my Surface Pro 3 running 64 bit Windows 10.
I will have frequent freezes. These will sometimes resolve on their own after a couple seconds, sometimes by pressing play. I have occasionally seen a message that flashes briefly in orange about a file already having been loaded and may indicate a hardware problem?

I thought it was due to the screen turning off or machine sleeping, but I have turned both of these to never and it still happens.

I have reset the machine and performed a fresh install with no other software installed.

This will happen both to my external HDVD800 via USB and to the surface’s onboard speakers.

I am using an eero network and it happens in multiple locations, both indicating great signal strength.

Any ideas?


It does sound like a network issue. However, might also be an idea to try the 32 bit version of Roon. It’s a long shot, I know, and you have a Surface Pro 3, but I found that I had to use the 32 bit version of Roon on my Surface 3 to get Roon working properly (as a Control device).

Amazing. Rock solid since the change to 32 bit!

Do you have a solution for the music stopping when screen turns off (other than making it never turn off)? I tried the regedit csenabled 1–>0 without any luck.


Well, had about 3 hours of rock solid performance. But it is still stopping on occasion now and requiring that I press play again. This is with the screen set never to turn off. I changed cs enabled back to 1.

Would @support looking at logs help me?