Microsoft surface pro 7 remote issues

Hi there,

My roon core is currently on my unraid server, and I’ve been using my phone and and iPad as a remote for it.

Recently I bought a Microsoft surface pro 7 for work and want to use that as a remote. Generally it works fine but whenever I search for a song in tablet mode, the on screen keyboard pops up for a second and disappears.

Searching is a large part of my listening sessions and makes it unusable.

Any ideas on how to keep the keyboard active?

Thanks in advance!


Hello @Fauzi_Garib, thanks for the info. Does the keyboard exhibit this behavior in any other app?

Also, inside of “Roon > Settings > Setup” you should see an option for “Enable On-Screen Keyboard”, make sure that setting is turned on. If it already was, or if the keyboard isn’t displaying properly after you’ve adjusted the setting, please let me know!

Hey there! No, his behavior is not exhibited in any other app… But I didn’t realize there is a toggle for the osk in settings. Will certainly check it out in the morning and get back to you… Thanks!

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