Migrating database from MacOS to Zen Mini

Hey there @noris, @support

I am having the same issue that Hugo had. Trying to setup my brand new Zen Mini, by moving my Core from my macbook pro. I have the backups on my external hard drive, which my zen mini seems to see while looking for importing music, but Roon backup restore shows no folders or structure when I hit “restore a backup.” My drive is formatted as Mac OS Extended, and the reality is that I can’t reformat this drive, it has too much stuff on it to do that, and I don’t have any other drives large enough to play around with reformatting and re-backing up. Is there something else i can do here?

Thank you!

Hey @Dan_Carey,

Can you please share a few screenshots of what you see when you attempt to locate your Roon backup?

I would temporarily disable any additional watched storage locations while we get the backup in place.

You don’t have by any chance a thumb drive which you can try using to perform the migration?

Hey noris, I want to thank you for attempting to help me on this. I contacted Innuos, and went with a network share method, which has seemed to work for me. The whole transfer was not nearly as easy as I expected, but I think I am up and running. Going to give it a few more days, but so far so good. Thanks for the help.

Hi @Dan_Carey,

Glad to hear you were able to ask Innuous for help in this matter.
If you have any further issues, do let us know!

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