Migrating database from NAS to Nucleus

I wonder if anyone can assist with the following.

I’ve been running Roon core on a SSD on a Synology NAS, three other drives of which house my music files in folders named “MusicOne”, “MusicTwo”, and “MusicThree”. I’ve upgraded to a Nucleus Plus and therefore am trying to migrate the database to the Nucleus.

I backed up the database to the RoonBackups folder on one of my NAS Drives and followed the migration instructions to restore the database backup onto the Nucleus. That seemed to go fine.

However, on starting Roon on the Nucleus although the Qobuz albums in my collection show up in “My Albums”, nothing else does. Looking at Settings > Storage, the path seems to have been moved from (I think)

NAS > Synology > MusicOne


Nucelus+ > Synology > MusicOne

With a red error message that the folder cannot be found at that location. It’s the same for the other two paths.

I can edit the path to the correct location, but then Roon starts to do a fresh import which I want to avoid if possible. Basically, I want the database on the Nucleus to mirror the database as it stood on the NAS.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Apologies, I’ve managed to sort things out. Editing the path to the correct location by way of new network share folders seems to have worked fine, though by way of album count I do seem to have acquired a few more.

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