Migrating database from Windows to Linux (ST), added dates incorrect [Resolved - Build 203]

Hi, yesterday I migrated from RoonSErver from Windows to my SonicTransporter, after upgrading everything to Roon 1.3. I copied the database as perr the procedure outlined in the forum. Then I re-added the music. It’s been about a day and Roon is still rescanning (the circle on the right upper part is there) but still added dates are not correct. Everything shows up as added yesterday.

Should I wait for the rescan to finish for the correct dates, played statistics, etc., to show up correctly or they should have shown right away?

My library has circa 3,400 albums and 47,000 tracks.

[EDIT] After updating the Roon Remote to the latest version today, just after writing this post, now the Drive connected to my SonicTransporter shows as DriveNotReady and my music is gone from Roon. I can access the same drive from the ST share using my Windows desktop and play tracks on WMP, but Roon for some reason cannot access it.

I am starting to think that this RoonServer Linux business is flawed

it’s not… here’s an explanation and the solution:

Or else you may check out this thread, which is my view seems to be a likewise issue:

Hi @Gustavo_Gabaldon ----- Checking in with you here after the the update. Are you still in the this state or have things improved? Looking forward to your feedback!


Thanks a lot for pointing that out

Hello @Eric, the Tidal login problem is gone :wink:

I had that DriveNotReady problem but it is also gone now.

Still, I copied the database (even again) from my Windows Desktop to the ST but I still see all albums as added today.

Please let me know how to fix this.


Can you tell us the exact steps here @Gustavo_Gabaldon? What storage device are you using?

Did you make any changes to your storage configuration after you moved your database over?

I just copied the Roon folders from C:\Users\ [your user name] \AppData\Local\Roon\ to the exposed RoonServerDB folder of the ST (it is an internal 8GB drive). I stopped the Roon server before and then restarted it after copying.

Did not make any changes afterward.

I removed the music folder from Roon and re-added it and now I got the correct added dates. I did not touch the Roon DB folders on the ST. Go figure.

But, just in case, I removed the folder again from Roon and restored a backup (using the new Roon backup) from the Windows box. Then, I edited the storage path to point to the ST location of the music and everything seems fine :slight_smile:

The new Backup/restore function works like a charm!

So that seem to be the end of my problems

I spoke too soon.

I’ve had it. This Linux business is truly flawed.

Now when audio analysis started Roon keeps skipping songs. I get warnings saying that files are loaded slow, etc. I have turned off analysys (both of the whole library and on demand) and still get lots of skips to the point that this thing is useless.

@support, I need some fix. Running Roon on Linux has been a Via Crucis.

The rescan of files supposedly is complete, checkmark is there but the circle keeps spinning on the right upper corner. So, being that I have turned off the analysis off, it seems that the problem happens when the rescan is completed and that spiining circle gets stuck. Stopping Run, etc., does not do anything.

I have reverted, yet again to Roon running on Windows 10. The rescan had completed there and there is no spinning circle. Analysis is going on, slow, but going.

Hope this helps.

Hey @Gustavo_Gabaldon – sorry for the frustration here. Can you let me know how large your library is (in Tracks) and which Sonic Transporter you’re running?

If you’d like to go onto the Sonic Transporter and zip up the logs folder, I’d be happy to have a look at it. Just upload it to Dropbox and send me a link, or let me know if you need a place to upload it and I’ll send you some instructions.


cc @agillis

@mike, I have 47,000 tracks. The ST is a I% model with 8TB internal HDD. As I said on a previous post, the rescan seems to be completed, the checkbox is there and it says completed but the circle stays there spinning.

I have sent you a link for the log files on a PM.

Hi @Gustavo_Gabaldon — Thank you for the follow up! Confirming that the logs have been received and are in our queue for analysis. We’ll take a look and let you know what we come up with.


No problem @Eric , let me know if you need anything else. One thing I forgot to mention is that after the rescan on the ST, a couple of albums added long time ago re-surfaced at the top of the most recent. Not sure why. On the Windows 10 rescan this did not happen. Hope this helps as well.