Migrating from Roon Core on a PC to Nucleus without backup


I receive my new Nucleus and I want to know if it’s easy to drop my free trial account or to transfer it without backup?

Other question: what is the connection… connect the Nucleus directly in my Naim NDX Roon Ready or not?


Hi @pierre_jubinville,

Yes, you can log in to your Roon account from any Core machine and authorize that Core. With one license only one Core can be authorized at a time, but you can switch between which is licensed as often as you want.

The Naim NDX 2 is Roon Ready, but the original Naim NDX is not. Do you know which version of the NDX you have?

NDX2 thank you for your help

Thanks for clarifying, @pierre_jubinville!

Yes, the NDX 2 is Roon Ready.

If you have any other questions please let us know!

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