Migrating to a New NAS

Loopy Loopy Dupe

  1. QNAP dies.
  2. Obtain New QNAP.
  3. Obtain TWO new drives
  4. Setup QNAP

Lost in space

  1. Computer HP touch screen
  2. Windows 10 Home
  3. QNAP TS251
  4. Seagate Drives (NAS) 4TB
  5. Asus Router
  6. New Ethernet cables.

Rebuild Roon Network

  1. Backup Roon
  2. Stored on external hard drive
  3. Turn off broken QNAP
  4. Setup QNAP to be seen by Windows box

Move Roon backup to new NAS (or so I thought)

  1. Map Roon Network drive to QNAP (LedZeppelin)
  2. Use Roon Storage backup restore features to (hopefully) restore the Roon database.
  3. 3 times the backup is restored. So it says.
  4. Does not show up on the NAS.

Audio Gear

  1. Meridian Sooloos
  2. MC 600
  3. M200
  4. Audio Note Oto

And beat goes on!

According to the ROON library I now have 117 albums…used to have around 10,000.

Good bye NAS. Hello Tidal.

Roon’s backup is only its own database. I did not see the step where you restored the music from the old NAS onto the new NAS.

Now for the rest of the story.

  1. Backup has been created.
  2. Failing NAS is disconnected.
  3. New NAS setup as Network share using the Roon software
  4. NAS Name, user id, password, NAS is scene on Roon.
  5. Using the Roon restore feature start the restore process.
  6. Tick tock tick tock tick tock. Time passes.
  7. Done
  8. View new NAS. Diddly squat. Nothing.
  9. Tried it again. Tick tock tick tock.
  10. Nothing
  11. Tried it again. Tick tock tick tock.
  12. Nothing.
  13. Roon sees 117 albums. None on the NAS. They ain’t there.
  14. I have no idea where the back up went (fishing, the pub, coffee shop).
  15. Worrying sets in.
  16. Did it override the backup? Can’t tell.
  17. Plug in the old NAS. Barely breathing. Bad backplane. Not replaceable. Pisses me off an inexpensive part can’t be replaced. Part of the tech industry. Build it. Throw it out. Build it. Throw it out. (Rant over).
  18. Backup the DB again ON another NEW external hard drive.
  19. Old NAS shows about the right number of albums.
  20. Old NAS show the last CD added to it.
  21. Whew. Now backed up on three external drives.
  22. Still not able to transfer the backup to the new NAS.
  23. Inquiring minds want to know.

Wife says go to bed. Quit your grumbling!

I don’t understand what this set of instructions is saying:


It says (I have know idea what this means) sign on to Roon. I’ve done all the work from the PC that has Roon installed. Now to run the backup I do not do it through this app? Rather I sign on to Roon?

Restoring Backups

If need to restore a backup to a fresh install of Roon (like if you’re moving your Core to a new device, or if you’re restoring after a hard drive failure), you can do so from the Log In screen.

This will work on any Roon Core that is not logged in

Problem solved. Good job Gilligan.

Used the QNAP backup and restore feature.

Took about 20 hours to do it.

Was it right? Is it going to work?

File count is equal.

Is it really gonna work?

Turn off sick NAS.

Try April Wine Drop Your Guns. Brilliant.

Try Mingus Haitian Fight Song. Beautiful.

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Hi @Doug_Thompson,

Thanks for letting us know you sorted this issue out!

As @Rugby mentioned earlier in the thread, Roon Backups only save Roon Database information, such as the information mentioned in our Backup documentation:

Your Roon database is full of information about the music you love. In addition to your library’s metadata, it also contains any edits you’ve made, your play history, all of your Roon playlists, your favorites, your settings, and more.

Roon Backups do not backup the media files themselves (same Backup KB article):


Just to be very clear, your Roon Database is not the same thing as your music library (your collection of music albums and tracks contained in your Watched Folders). It is a separate database that is maintained by Roon.

The QNAP backup you made (outside of Roon) likely does contain your media files, but please just be aware of the above separation between a Roon Database backup and a backup of your media files.

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