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Here is my specific issue. I was running Roon core on a laptop with Windows 7. I successfully transferred all of my downloaded music from laptop to the nucleus plus by manually dragging it into the internal storage. No issues there which is great. Where I’m struggling is getting the nucleus + to access the backup file and the storage file from the laptop.

I did all the necessary changes to enable sharing and get these file pathways onto the network. When I provide the network pathway to the nucleus plus in the backup and the storage found in the settings menu, the pathway cuts off and it doesn’t go to the specific folder.

Connected Audio Devices

No issues here. Connectivity to BlueSound endpoints is great.

Number of Tracks in Library

Less than 1000

Description of Issue

I want to use my laptop to rip CDs, and store them or have them accessible on a network and have nucleus plus scan this folder on a network and download to the internal storage/SSD. I’m using the laptop with DBpoweramp CD ripper which is super useful. The CDs and laptop are very far away from the nucleus plus so the idea of swapping a USB back-and-forth isn’t really practical. But, maybe I don’t understand this option presented in other post.

Initially the nucleus plus would connect to the pathway of the laptop, but it wouldn’t see any folders beyond a certain point. I deleted that pathway to try different options. Now I’m unable to direct it back to the pathway. Apologize for any typos - using voice to text. Thanks!

I have my NUC’s internal drive mapped as a Windows Drive (Drive Z). So after I rip a CD, I just copy it to the mapped storage drive. You can do the same with a Nucleus.

Ok. I will try this. If I understand correctly, I see the nucleus plus on the network drive on my laptop. When I rip a CD, I would just have it automatically export it to the storage drive on the nucleus plus which I should be able to either point directly to or create a Z drive as you suggest and map it over there?

How about restoring the back up that is currently saved on my laptop?

You really never want to rip directly to a watched folder. You want to rip to an unwatched location and then you manually copy it to the watched storage location.

  1. Map Nucleus Drive to be a mapped drive on Windows
  2. Rip you CD’s to an unwatched location on the PC
  3. After you have verified the rip and the metadata, copy the CD rip to the mapped drive

If you rip to a location watched by Roon, you have a good chance that Roon will split up the album as it is identifying it faster than the rip is occurring. Also, you want the chance to verify the metadata before putting it where Roon can see it; that will help in the identification process. Then after you copy it over, you will have the music on both the Nucleus and the PC.

You can find programs to run on the PC to help move things in an automated fashion, but, I find them more hassle than help. Remember, Nucleus is a locked PC, so you cannot add any software to it. All automated moving/copying software will need to be run on a PC, which includes any music file backup you want to do.

Got it. How about the other issue — How about restoring the back up that is currently saved on my laptop?

I tried prescribed methods to restore backup to nucleus plus with no luck. Any suggestions? Thanks

I think you are going to have to provide more details for us to be able to help diagnose the issue. What methods did you follow? Some screenshots and error messages would be helpful. Thanks.

I personally would copy the save on the PC to a USB key and then plug that key into in to restore.

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