Migrating to Nucleus - moving library to internal SSD

@support, I am going to migrate from my Roon core from a SonicTransporter to a new Nucleus. The music library is currently on a USB drive attached to the SonicTransporter. I will be installing a SSD in the Nucleus and want to move the library from the USB drive to the internal SSD.

I’ve read the Nucleus manual and migration manual, but I am still debating which steps should I follow:

Should I:

  1. Restore the database on the Nucleus, disable the USB folder and stop Roon, copy the library files to the internal SSD and then restart Roon and select the SSD as the new library?

  2. Copy the library files to the internal SSD first, then restore the database to the Nucleus and go to settings and disable the USB folder and enable the internal SSD?

In either of those two scenarios, should I disable the USB folder prior to making the backup from the current core running on the SonicTransporter, so it will be already disabled when I restore to the Nucleus?


Would it be safer to do this in two steps: migrate to the Nucleus and connect the USB drive to the Nucleus first to make sure all is well using the library on the USB drive, and then move the files to the SSD as step two. For example: restore the database to the Nucleus, connect the USB drive to the Nucleus and confirm all is well. Then disable the USB folder, stop Roon and move the files to the SSD, restart Roon and delete the USB folder and enable the SSD folder.

Thanks for the help

Hi @HeavyMetalDrummer,

The best steps to take are as follows:

  1. Disable all watched folders on SonicTransporter Core
  2. Make a backup
  3. Restore this backup on the Nucleus
  4. Make sure Internal Storage is properly configured
  5. Stop RoonServer via the Nucleus Web Administration Interface
  6. Copy music to the internal storage drive
  7. Start RoonServer
  8. Roon will then match up the existing database files to the new location on the internal storage drive

If you have any questions about this please let us know!

@dylan, for clarity, in step 4, do you mean “Make sure the Internal Storage drive has been formatted as described here”?

Thanks, @Geoff_Coupe — I updated my post for clarity.

And most likely,
7.5 Select Storage in settings and adjust the path of your storage to ”Internal Storage”

I completed all of the above steps and everything worked out great - Roon is an amazing piece of software - thanks to the Roon team! And the Nuclues+ is working out great so far!


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