Migration from CORE to NUC ROCK: This version of ROON is not compatible with your database

Roon Core Machine

Roon Core Machine iMAC 24" M1, 2021, 8Gb, Ventura 13.1
ROCK: Intel NUC10i3FNHN2, 8Gb RAM & 250Gb SSD. External USB drive 1TB for music files, Samsung T7 Shield

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Connected Audio Devices

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Description of Issue

After a couple of weeks of trial period of running ROON Core on the iMAC, decided to create the stand-alone ROCK running on a new INTEL NUC, after taking the plunge and applying for a ROON subscription.
Followed the ROCK install guide and the process has been succesful, until step 7. Using ROCK.

As I have been using ROON before with another CORE, I have to migrate my database to ROCK.
I followed the following steps using an exFAT formatted USB stick:

And then it comes with the message “This version of ROON is not compatible with your database”
Any advise how to continue? Kind regards, Jan


What versions of Roon are running on your iMac and ROCK installation?

I suspect they are different, and that ROCK needs updating before you attempt to restore the Roon DB that was created using the iMac installation.

Thanks Carl for your swift response - sorry but I am a newby on ROON AND changing to a ROCK since this weekend :slight_smile:
I am running Roon version 2.0 (built 1182) production
Updated the BIOS one more time as per (great) ROCK Install guide and your advice. NUC is now running now headless with External 1 TB USB drive for non - available Qobuz music.

Question on Output Volume:
On ROON the volume output is set as variable. The System output is (ao) going to Linn Majik and Linn Klimax streamers. Ease of Linn remote control (for volume adjustment, mute) is appreciated.

  • Is ROON output to be set to “fixed” (=max) volume? Or (keep) to the current variable volume output in series (ROCK and LINN)?
  • Under ROON/Settings/Audio both Linn streamers state ‘via Airplay, 192.168.2.xx’ → Is this correct and shouldn’t Airplay be disabled?

Kind regards and Happy listening

My experience on NAD, so your mileage may vary. I settled on the variable setting. This allows volume control via the front panel on the NAD, via an Android tablet volume button, via an Android phone volume button, and via the app. For my use, this flexibility is quite handy. I understand why someone might need fixed output, for any of several reasons, but unless you have a specific need for fixed, the variable setting is very flexible. Hope that helps.

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