Miles Davis: Kind of Blue not Searchable on Roon

Mac OS Catalina 10.15.6, Latest IOS, Windows 10

Doesn’t work on any OS

If I search for “Kind Of Blue” in Roon, I get a bunch of results, but none of them are Miles Davis. Also, if I go to Miles Davis’ page, “Kind Of Blue” does not show up as one of his albums.

I was able to listen to listen to the Tidal version(CD) by adding the album to a Tidal Playlists, then in Roon navigating to find that playlist and then clicking on the album. However, I would like to listen to the Qobuz version(HiRes), but there seems to be no way to find it through the Roon interface.

I’ve also noticed a lot of other bugs related to artists pages showing no albums after I navigate to their page from search. There is a workaround for this, though. I can search for a song by the same artist, then click on the artist link that shows up on the song and that will take me to the same artists page, but now all of the albums show up. I’ve encountered this bug many times, but I’ve never submitted a report, since there’s a workaround.

First bug, though, there is no workaround. There’s simply no way to listen to the Qobuz version of “Kind of Blue” through Roon.

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I am U.K. based. I have a DSD rip of Kind of Blue. On Tidal it is entitled Kind Of Blue. But through Roon neither search works and all I get is my rip, no versions. And it isn’t listed on the Tidal album list under his name.

You’re right, something’s strange here…
Germany, Qobuz, core on Windows…

Only find my local copy through ROON:

But not Qobuz’s, available in hires: (EDIT screenshot)

If I favorite it in Quobuz, then sync library now in ROON, there’s nothing.
If i add it to my playlists, then sync library now in ROON, I get an empty playlist…

The only versions I can find through Quobuz in ROON, are a legacy edition

and one hires remaster from the BnF label

Strange indeed…

I’m in the U.K. If I enter Miles Davis in the search box in Tidal, then scroll down to the bottom, under “credits”, all of the tracks on Kind Of Blue appear.
Very strange.

Well, that’s not the problem we’re talking about here.
It’s the problem with finding it trough ROON.

Or are you talking about using Tidal from within ROON?

I’ve also reached out to QOBUZ support with a link to this thread.
Let’s see, if they can enlighten us…

No. Merely pointing out that if it’s not easily found in Tidal, then it’s not likely to be easily found in roon.

It’s is somewhere between hopeless and frustratingly idiosyncratic for me. If I search for “Kind of Blue” in Roon I get the one of the two versions of “Kind of Blue” in my library, followed by an album of Gary Moore’s called “Still got the Blues” which is not remotely even kind of Kind of Blue, then all sorts of other albums with Kind of Blie in the title, but only one by Miles Davis though there are at least a dozen in Qobuz. This is not really very good.

Here is some of the Qobuz result for the same search. It is about time Roon fixed the search or gave us access to Qobuz’ search.

In mitigation, if you search for “Kind of Blue Miles Davis” in Roon you get a better result, but still not really as good as Qobuz who just about nail it.

Returning “Still got the Blues” as the second match for “Kind of Blue” is not acceptable by any standards.

So, let’s see what @support has to contribute to the puzzle.
Have a nice weekend everyone!

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Same issue here with Tidal integration. Tidal app finds the album but not searchable in Roon…

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Same here.

Same here in Qobuz. Is it a conspiracy?

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Same here. Both Qobuz and Tidal versions mostly not visible (except Legacy edition)

I don’t even see the Legacy edition (with TIDAL)

Our team is looking into this. Apologies for the inconvenience while we investigate!


OK, on picking up my iPad prior to a listening session Kind of Blue was still there with my local rip selected. However I now have a versions tab and the Tidal versions are now there.

You know what?
That’s kinda spooky, same here!

Hi everyone,

Our team identified and resolved an issue here. Things should be working properly now. You have our apologies for the trouble!


Thanks a lot for the quick fix @dylan

Was this a singular or a systematic issue?

Can’t put my finger on specific cases, but think I had several other missing releases between Qobuz and Roon in the past.

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