Min RAM for Bridge

Hi, I want to build simple Roon Bridge using some SoC device. As there is massive shortage of RPi’s, I have stumbled upon Rock Pi S device.
I think I will be able to put Roon Bridge in there via linux installer… but my question is - how much RAM is needed for Roon Bridge? This isn’t mentioned anywhere in the docs, specs are just for Roon Core.
I guess Roon Bridge doesn’t do much, so is 256MB enough? Or 512MB?


on 64bit RPi4 - around 203MB used by roonbridge streaming DSD256 (few MB less when not streaming), I would think 256MB is quite small (until you really optimize OS - e.g. nothing else as roonbridge and init/systemd running ), 512MB should be fine in any case.

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great, thanks!