Min RAM for Bridge

Hi, I want to build simple Roon Bridge using some SoC device. As there is massive shortage of RPi’s, I have stumbled upon Rock Pi S device.
I think I will be able to put Roon Bridge in there via linux installer… but my question is - how much RAM is needed for Roon Bridge? This isn’t mentioned anywhere in the docs, specs are just for Roon Core.
I guess Roon Bridge doesn’t do much, so is 256MB enough? Or 512MB?


on 64bit RPi4 - around 203MB used by roonbridge streaming DSD256 (few MB less when not streaming), I would think 256MB is quite small (until you really optimize OS - e.g. nothing else as roonbridge and init/systemd running ), 512MB should be fine in any case.

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great, thanks!

Jut a follow-up. I have bought RockPi S - 512MB RAM and this setup works just great!
RAM usage for the whole running system is around 120MB (including OS and running bridge with music playing), so even 256MB RAM variant should be fine.
In case someone is thinking of doing the same thing.


@jakub are you using 32bit or 64bit OS? In my case it is 64bit, i’m just curious if the quite low memory usage you succeed to have could be related to 32bit os. Thanks :slight_smile:

I’m running 64bit Ubuntu 20.04 - official image for RockPi S.
Was surprised about RAM usage as well… because on my Linux workstation Roon Bridge also consumed around 200MB as you said.

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