Mini dsp position in chain

Morning all!

Just wanted to double check.
I’ve ordered a new minidsp hd4 for my system. I have various stuff going through a switch box (dynavox). Roon goes through NUC to an ifi dac then the switch box. Is it ok to fit the dsp between the box and preamp? It doesn’t have to be in front of the dac?

Thanks, Tim

If you just using it in a digital setup then it should be after the streaming section and before the DAC so you stay in the digital realm to apply it. Not sure if it has usb input though which is what you need from the nucleus. If you’re doing DSP after the DAC it has to redigitise and then do another analogue to digital conversion this is non optimal.


Any reason you wouldn’t just use the MiniDSP as the DAC? It’s what I did with my HD and what I do now with my FLEX.

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Thanks so far, I also have a revox b785 going through a rega fono mk 5 so does it make sense to just use it in that chain? Then keep the digital chain dsp / room correction in Roon?

It has digital and analogue inputs