Mini ‘Hifi rack’ for Sotm Ultra range

I’m really struggling to find a suitable rack / stand small enough for the Sotm Ultra range plus a couple of headphone amp/dacs

This Atacama number is the closest to suitable I’ve come across:

Anybody using anything smaller or know of any manufacturer making smaller sized racks?

Or even a bespoke company who could make something to suit?

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Have you looked at the SOtM rack?

I have indeed but I gather that is made for the advanced range of components. There is no official rack for the ultra products

This one?

Thanks for your suggestion, it’s getting closer, but I reckon the ultras would still be dwarfed by the size of those shelves.

It seems racks just aren’t made for components that size :pensive:

I’m curious if u managed to find a suitable rack for the sotm ultra range. I just got myself an ultra stack and am also looking for a nice rack.

My last resort is to get an acrylic one custom made.

Topping and SMSL do desktop Acrylic one 14mm wide, or if do their irack not sure it would be the right size for SoTM though.


No in the end I gave up on that search. Unless anything has changed since then, I think the best option is a custom job, certainly if I had of pursued my goal further this is what I would have ended up going for.

Good luck with it and let me know if you have success with a custom piece.