MiniDSP SHD immediately skips all songs

Hi, I installed a new MiniDSP SHD in my system yesterday. After a couple of setting adjustments I was playing Library and Qobuz problems from my PC nucleus to the SHD no problem-- until about 11PM when I would play an album, each song would flash up for less than a second and skip to the next song until there’s nothing playing. The problem is with the SHD endpoint (I can stream fine to my other endpoints). Tried reboots and checked settings, but no improvement. (I can play music on SHD using their Volumio interface). Any ideas to get it running again? Thanks!

We should maybe flag @support on this. The SHD is not yet Roon ready (but in the process AFAIK) so it may be somewhat difficult for support to help. I assume you use RAAT. Try checking the format Roon is sending to the SHD. Should support 24bit, but 16bit might work? (Setup->Audio-> *SHD*->(cog wheels)Device setup->SHOW ADVANCED)

Thanks. I reduced the Roon output word length from 32 to 24 bits and I’ve got music again!