MiniDSP SHD streamers to become Roon Ready

The latest miniDSP newsletter included this line about their SHD range:

As for Roon-Ready support, all SHD units have now been in the testing queue @ RoonLabs Mid-May. We’re all patiently waiting for the results and we look forward to sharing more ASAP we hear from them.

Particularly interesting for those interested in a Dirac Live Roon Ready endpoint.

MiniDSP’s October newsletter said:

Roon Ready Certification: The final touches are ongoing but with a slight delay as can happen for complex implementations. Customers of SHD/SHD Studio/SHD Power platforms will soon receive a free upgrade in coming weeks. Thanks again for your patience!

I look forward to their next newsletter, with more Roon Ready Certification news.

Patiently, of course.


Yes, fair point.

I don’t know anything about the technical details but interesting that they describe it as a ‘complex implementation’. Maybe one to ‘watch this space’ rather than pull the trigger on a purchase in hope of an imminent upgrade.

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Yes, definitely a “watch this space” situation. I try to avoid buying products that promise future capabilities…

Of course, I bought the SHD when MiniDSP advertised it as “Roon Ready” before official certification was given.

I was using the SHD in Roon with no issues, and I was eligible to be grandfathered in when Roon, LLC changed their policy. Unfortunately I had to have a board replaced in the SHD after the eligibility timeframe was over.

I place the blame squarely on MiniDSP, not only on their inability to get this worked out, but even more their lack of communication and transparency in the process.

Isn’t there an option to enable the generic “Roon Bridge” in Volumio? Until Roon Ready is certified and working…

Yes, but I get clicks and pops using that.

I use a Raspberry Pi to feed the SHD. It’s not a big issue, but I wanted to use Roon to control the SHD directly.

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cant you do this with a pi 4b and ropieee feeding the shd via usb?

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Yes, that is exactly how I have it set up. The downside is that I can’t use the volume control on the SHD, and that it’s an extra device.

Thanks for the response on the volume control. So its controlled by ropieee? Crap, crap, crap. Need to wait for minidsp to get roon ready cert. Crap
Does the shd volume control have zero effect?
If not, there’s no way to fix the output in ropieee @100% and use the shd volume control?

You can set Ropieee as fixed, and use the SHD remote control for volume.

Or, you can control Ropieee volume via Roon.

But not both… as you can do with Roon Ready devices.

Ok, thanks
Still not clear the advantages of roon ready and the endpoints but that is clearly one that is important to know.

I think the basic question is “is miniDSP telling the truth?” Has Roon had the ball in their court since mid-May like miniDSP says, or is miniDSP using Roon as a scapegoat for their own delays and mismanagement of the project? Knowing miniDSP, I would guess the latter but it would be nice to hear from Roon on where things stand as long as miniDSP is already talking and laying blame.


Use Roon DSP to control volume.

Would be indeed great to have an update on ETA for Roon-ready miniDSP.

The minidsp shd webpage now shows roon ready for shd devices and minidsp logo now shows on roon device partners as roon ready. I am anxious to see the results!

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