I just purchased a USBSTREAMER B (by miniDSP). I’m using it as a USB to Optical converter. It’s supposed to output 24/192, but Roon is only allowing me to output 24/96 (in the setup, it defaults to max output of 24/96, and the device defaults to “minDSP”). My setup is Mac Mini —> USB cable —> USBSTREAMER B —> optical cable ——> Chord Mscaler. Thank you.

Hi @Alfred_McLaughlin,

Can you share a screenshot of Device Setup?

Are you able to play 24/192 in other apps?

@Alfred_McLaughlin I use the same with Chord DACs and it certainly can pass PCM192kHz.

DSD64 (DoP) works fine also.

This is what I see:


C heck in Midi Audio settings that you have it at max resolution

Better to check ‘Exclusive Mode’ is enabled and never have to worry about MIDI settings…

Hello Everyone,

Thank you for getting back to me. When I first connected it, the drop down menu in the Audio/Midi only allowed me to pick 96 KHz or lower. It looked like this unit was shipped with old firmware; so I went to miniDSP sit and installed the TOSLINK/I2S firmware (according to the instructions), and then I was able to pick 192 KHz from the drop down menu. The only problem is, it’s still not working. I have it connected to a Chord DAC, and the DAC isn’t even picking up a signal, even at 16/44, and using multiple optical cables that I know work

Also, my settings in Roon are exactly as you suggest below (including exclusive mode). So I don’t think I should have to change anything in Apple’s Midi section (I only mentioned this before, because the 192 KHz option wasn’t even available in the midi section, or in the Roon setup section; but once I installed the firmware, 192 KHz was available in both). Maybe I installed the wrong firmware?

Thank you again.

Its an easy thing to do but are you in the TOSLINK output and not the input?

Assume you have this under your radar too…

Just double checking you installed the correct firmware? It’s the stereo TOSlink one.

Maybe I did install the wrong firmware (BTW - I also made sure I was using optical out :-). Here is what they have on their site:

The choice of firmware affects the operation of the USBStreamer, as follows. In each case, there are two different files, identical except for ID number, so that two USBStreamers can be connected to the one computer.


These files will receive and transmit eight channels of audio in ADAT format via the input and output optical connectors. The sample rate can be 44.1 or 48 kHz.


These files will receive and transmit eight channels of audio over the I2S headers, and two channels over the optical connectors. The sample rate can be 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, or 192 kHz. (All channels must run at the same sample rate.)


These files will receive and transmit eight channels of audio over the I2S headers. (The optical connectors are not active.) They will support low sample rates, down to 8 kHz.


These files are will receive and transmit eight channels of audio over the TDM headers. (The optical connectors are not active.) They will support of 48/44.1kHz

But in the actual zip file, it’s in the ‘Stereo Toslink’ folder right?

But there is also a “Stereo” folder in the files that I downloaded (which isn’t listed above). This has a zip file in it:

“USBSreamer Up Link InOut v6”

Maybe this is the one I use?

Can you share a screenshot of the zip file contents - the folders inside the zip file.

Much easier to see what you’re seeing.

Absolutely. Here you go:

I was confused by the "“USBSreamer Up Link InOut v6” you mentioned as that’s not in your screenshot.

So the screenshot definitely helps.

The correct firmware to use is definitely the “Stereo” one I mentioned a while back and can see the folder in your screenshot there.

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Perfect - I’ll definitely give that a try now. Sorry about the typo - I was using my iPad earlier, and was trying to type the name of the folders & zip file by memory. From now on I’ll just use my computer - to cut & paste pics.

Thank you for your great support! I’ll let you know how it goes :slight_smile:

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It worked!

I’m so grateful - thank you again for all your fantastic support!!!


No worries at all! Happy to help.

Enjoy the chunes !

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