Minor Issue: Windows Client Using KB shortcuts for volume, popup displays "0"regardless of actual settings

Core Machine

• NUC7i7BNH server-Crucial SSD 1TB with library (14014 tracks), WD My Cloud Pro PR2100 10TB (backups only) RAID1, 20TB raw
• Internal Music Storage: 1TB, 76% of 924GB available
• roon dB: 97% of 114 GB available
• Server: Version 1.8 (build 903) stable (64bit)
• OS Version 1.0 (build 227) stable

Network Details

  • Network: TPLink TL-R600VPN Router, TPLink TC-7610 DOCSIS3.0, Netgear GS108, TPLink TL-SG1008D1, DOCSIS3.1 Motorola MB5611
    APs: TPLink AP500, TL-WA801ND
  • My ISP - Comcast Xfinity - stated, “Connection speed with good results: 19mbps down adequate for Streaming 4K video” https://speed.cloudflare.com/ confirms the same for small files, large files, low latency, and low jitter.

Audio Devices

  • DHCP with reservation for ROCK server

  • Endpoints (7):

    • 4 Sonos Connects (ZP120) - Ethernet
    • 3 SOtM sMS-200 NEO endpoints
      • Topping E30 DAC
      • SMSL M400 DAC (x2)
  • All endpoints are connected using Ethernet the lowest average throughput on the LAN is ~462 Mbps

  • Remotes: 2 PCs (Windows 10), Android Galaxy Tab A 10.5 tablet-Android 10

Library Size

Library of 14014 tracks

Description of Issue

Windows Client using KB shortcuts for volume popup displays "0"regardless of actual settings. The issue does not occur on the Android client. A screenshot from the Windows client follows.

The issue srarted last year after one of the roon releases. At that time I inferred that it was an anomaly and future releases would remediate, but that is not the case. What changed on my two (2) Windows clients? Nothing. The issue is unique to the Windows client.

In the following screenshot the volume slider depicts a 10 level, but the keyboard shortcut control popup echos back and indicates “0” zero regardless of actual settings.

What is the response from support.?

Hi support

No change and the same issue with both of my Windows clients (2) with the roon Version 1.8 (build 918) stable. I suspect that the same issue exists for all Windows clients making it a universal issue.

Hey @racingdriver,

Thank you for getting in touch with your question. What happens if you set your Family Room & Lounge to either Device or DSP volume? Can you try that and see if anything changes?

Hi Jamie
The two endpoints, FamilyRm and Lounge, in setting will not change and save from fixed.

I tried on my other system with Sonos endpoints and had a similar experience.

The issue is repeatable across all platforms with a roon Windows client

Hi @racingdriver,

I just checked with our Roon Hardware expert and what you’re experiencing is intended. You can control volume from the keyboard by using Control and the up and down arrows, when the Roon app is active.


No, no, what I am experiencing is not intended. Sorry, you are misunderstanding.

  1. When I use the GUI volume control, the volume displays a level number on the display like the following screenshot. “35”

  2. When I use the keyboard controls, the volume displayed is “0” zero, regardless of what the display shows. In this case, it is 35 but the popup shows “0”

In the past the popup from the keyboard matched the display, i.e. both showed 35 in this example. Now? The popup shows zero and the display is 34.

Look at the following screenshot . . . “0” on the keyboard popup and “34” on the display

The preceding is NOT normal for the application.

In the past the keyboard popup and the display matched, i.e. “34” and “34” Now, in the last few months after updates, it is “0” and “34”

Support do you understand the bug?

It has everything to do with the Windows client software and absolutely nothing to do with hardware.

Hey @racingdriver,

Fixed Volume is line-level output that’s why you’re seeing “0” You’re playing to a grouped Zone, volume is displayed according to the first device in the group. In your case a fixed volume device.

Select a single device that is not using fixed volume, like your Windows System Out, and then use the controls. Your pop-up display should match your Roon display. :+1:t2: