Misc Feature Requests

Congrats on a great V1.0 … here are a couple of things it would be great if you would consider for the future:

  • When audio drops out (as it does with my AirPlay devices sometimes), something that analyses where the problem is and tells you where to look to fix it! e.g. busy cpu, congested network, etc etc. I’m running mostly wired LAN and some Ethernet-over-power and wonder if the network is up to it.
  • My iTunes library has two versions of many songs - Apple Lossless and AAC. It would be great if Roon could notice this and auto-select the better quality versions
  • Easy way of migrating to another Mac/PC as the server (i.e. transferring the licence). I wanted to set up on my PowerMac, but it can’t run 10.9, so I couldn’t install Roon. So I resorted to an iMac for now, but will want to move to a MacMini later - it would be great if the transfer process was seamless
  • Picking up remote iTunes libraries: couldn’t get afp to work, only smb. Is that by design? A conventional popup dialog to select remote dirs rather than just a text entry box would be better.
  • When you release iOS/Android remotes, what is the possibility of caching some music there for use when away from the server? (Current arrangement is great if you work at home, but not so good if you have to go to an office!) … Tidal does this (albeit clunkily)

Thanks again for a great product - I’ve been waiting years for a software Sooloos-like thing :slight_smile:

duplicate detection should be finding this, but only if the albums were truly identical, and we are pretty strict about what that means. soon (next few weeks) we will be releasing a feature that lets you mark non-exact but mostly duplicated albums as duplicates, and they will cover each other.

10.8 release coming next week I hope!

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TIDAL guys are going back to the labels to get permission for us to do this. This is all contractual.


AFP is deprecated, and you really should be avoiding it. It lacks many features of SMB, and the latest versions of OSX highly discourage it’s use. You will experience a very poor experience if you use AFP, including appearing/disappearing music, and very spotty connectivity. It’s so not worth the hassle, that in a future release, we are going to actively explain that using it can only make you sad.

Our SMB support on OSX is good, but it’s even better if you mount the drive yourself in OSX on /Volumes/XXX. We hope to do this internally in a future build. This will use the latest SMB protocol, which includes real-time file monitoring and many reliability updates. On Windows, we already do this.

Edit: OSX Roon does this now too.