Misidentified MQA Album From Tidal

Here is a screenshot, as you can see Tidal say it’s a 16 bit MQA file but the signal path disagrees. I have re identified it and no change was seen.


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And another one misidentified as MQA (768 khz no less)

@Chrislayeruk and @Dick_Vliek ---- Thank you both for the feedback and sharing these observations you both have made. The insight is appreciated!

I have went ahead and moved this thread into the “support” category on the community site and would like to add your information to the ticket we are using to track these types of report but before I do so may I very kindly ask each of you for the following:

Chris - Is the entire album behaving this way or just the track highlighted in your post (i.e "Midnight in Harlem)?

Dick - Same question about the mentioned Tomasz Stanko album as above (the entire album or a single track) and furthermore, could you please provide a screenshot of your signal path highlighting the issue?


Thanks for that Eric. Only track 6 shows as MQA, but with this track I get no actual audio. See Screenshot. Could it be the sample rate is too high?

Track 10 is marked correctly as unavailable.
All other tracks are 16 bit 44.1khz

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Sure Eric:

track 1-12

track 13

But my DAC (Brooklyn+, decoder and renderer)) reports 44/16, the track plays fine.

Maybe the ‘problem’ is that this album has 1 track with 13 parts?? Either way I’m not bothered about it.

Thanks for the follow up and providing the requested feedback @Chrislayeruk and @Dick_Vliek! Very appreciated!

Now that I have the needed information I am going to be adding your reports to the mentioned ticket so out tech team can have a closer look into this behavior. As the team passes me some feedback I will be sure to keep this thread up to date. Your patience is appreciated!


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